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Dean Winchester: Bad Acting Motivational by ~SupremeJillSandwich on deviantART

Jensen Ackles playing Dean Winchester stuck in a world as Jensen Ackles acting like Dean Winchester = perfection! And that face kills me every time I look at it! The French Mistake

Supernatural.  Jensen and cake

Jared brings jensen cake jensen face plants the cake Lol style<< this makes me laugh everytime<<<it's even more funny to me because it's like my tradition to do this every year on my birthday 🤣

None of my friends like Supernatural ):

actual lines from supernatural. No wonder people don't believe the quotes I get from there. My friend is a hardcore supernatural fan and she got me into it, we kick some ass XD.

This is the best GIF ever....<---I could watch this forever.

This is the best GIF ever. I don't know if it would still be as funny if it weren't Jared and Jensen, but seeing as it is I can sit here and watch it all day.

Ahahaha this is accurate.

Ahahaha this is accurate. Literally nobody at my school watches it so I have to rely on my Internet friends!