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700-Pound Snake — Giant Snake Found In North Carolina, Facts And Photos - you have to read the article. This snake is not, and could not be, 700 lb.

tree python ...ewww but Emma will like. @Emma Robertson

We're number one! - Gallery

PetsLady's Pick: Totally Cool Snake Of The Day ... see more at ... The FUN site for Animal Lovers

PetsLady's Pick: Totally Cool Snake Of The Day

spring color trends as inspired by animals: pastels & neons!

Spring Color Trends As Inspired By Animals

Beautiful sea horse. They mate for life and enact a daily courtship ritual involving dancing and changing colours. The male becomes pregnant!

Leafy Sea Dragon. These creatures have adapted some of the most ornate and effective camouflage of any creature on the planet. These striking sea horse relatives are found only in the drifting seaweed and undersea forests of Australia.

Seahorse - Disney Fact: Many seahorses mate for life.Many seahorses are monogamous, meaning they mate for life. The male and female have an elaborate, daily courtship ritual, involving a "dance" where they entwine their tails, and may change colors. (marinelife.about....)

Pygmy Seahorse... they are less than an inch long and have an incredible ability to camouflage themselves. Captured on film, in camouflage, on a sea fan, Borneo, Malaysia, by Vickie Coker.

The Oceans' Oddest Creatures and Why They Matter | WIRED

exotic animals - Bing Images elegant and graceful are two ways you could describe seahorses

Axolotl - species of salamander that fails to undergo full metamorphosis. Its kinda cute....

The Six Most Amazing Oceanic Creatures -- Videos & Pictures

Salamanders, like this mud salamander, grow up the same way frogs and toads do. They hatch from eggs and emerge as larvae that look a lot like tadpoles.

HowStuffWorks "Amphibian Pictures"

Italian Fire Salamander (Salamandra s. gigliolii)

The giant Chinese salamander is the largest salamander in the world. It is considered critically endangered and can only be found in rocky mountain streams/lakes in China! What a shame if this unique creature went extinct!

10 Animals That Deserve Their Own National Geographic Special

Sea Lion Pup - Galapagos Islands I would love it and squeeze it and call it george : )

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Ribbon Seal. 1 of 9 species of seals. Because of their lifestyle we don't seem to know much about them.

Rare sea creature wiggles onto Seattle dock

Most species of rhinos are endangered, with the northern subspecies of white rhino being Critically Endangered or even extinct in the wild.

rhino calf. South Africa, May 2003. Kapela was born two weeks premature and abandoned by his mother in a boma at Skukuza in the Kruger National Park, and is being hand-reared after his transfer to the specialist centre

...I hold only love and respect for the rhino! Conserving Africa's Wildlife Through Photography

La África salvaje de Nick Brandt

Rhino - save these magnificent creatures

Two albino raccoons, named Snowball and Nell, lay low with another raccoon, Chance. These raccoons reside in a zoo in Charleston, SC because their lack of pigment makes them an easy target for predators in the wild.

Albino animals - NY Daily News

"Raccoon Hands" by Kim Novotny, "Oh my gosh, I forgot to wash my hands before I ate!"

"Raccoon Hands" by Kim Novotny

This...this is great. "Here, you want your kitty back?"

Community Post: Raccoon Holding Kitten.

18 Photos Of Baby Animals Yawning (BECAUSE BABY ANIMALS YAWNING!)

25 Giant Bunnies So Big They Could Destroy You...OMG I want one!!!

25 Giant Bunnies So Big They Could Destroy You