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19 Things Men Over 30 Should Never Wear

No man should ever wear skinny jeans.especially skinny jeans this tight.

This is hysterically funny! for starters people, don't take selfies without clothes on in the first place. I am sorry if you're offended by this but I just couldn't help it!


Usually "keep calm" is something that is said right after "try anal." Even without the odd photo angle cropping out the last letter, the creater of this t-shirt did not really think this through.


The Story of the Possessed Raggedy Anne Doll, Annabelle.

AnnabelIe, the haunted doll. In 1970 a woman purchased an antique Raggedy Ann Doll from a hobby store. Soon they discovered the doll would move on its own and it could write too. Loraine Warren with Doll.

What if you wear the wrong T-shirt? | The 35 Hardest Things About Taking A Picture On Picture Day

Studies* have shown that choosing the right shirt for school picture day is the leading cause of mental breakdowns among year-olds. View People Who Picked the Wrong Shirt for Picture Day" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Nicholas Cage Family Portrait, I'm not sure why this exists, but I'm sure glad it does.

Nicholas Cage Family Portrait, I'm not sure why this exists, but I'm sure glad it does. And Lord, this makes me laugh!

What in hell is this creature...

You can’t explain that (43 Photos)

If you're a good girl, Santa might bring you a nice dolly for Christmas

Awkward Family Photos it might be cute if the boy was a cute little girl, and the mom's belly bump was more round, not so lumpy

50 most awkward pregnancy pics hilarious! this is the best thing ever! and why i cant do pregnancy photos!

really weird things | Strange People Do Strange Things (61 pics)

I Don’t Think You Should Be On That Swing Does this swing make my butt look big?

Vintage Mattel Jack In The Box

Vintage Jack In The Box by Mattel-this toy used to scare the crap out of me! My Grandmother still has one

Stuffed ring bologna - This evil sausage was normal on the outside but deeply rotten inside. Certainly the cook wanted to create a striking metaphor for corruption!

A dish so vile your in-laws will never be back. Plus a key component of a successful weight loss program. A win-win.

Happy Birthday Mom, Blow Your Candles ~ 27 More Bad Parents

25 More of the Worst Parents Ever

We got incredible footage of parenting gone wrong. See the world\'s worst parents and tons of parenting FAILs.

Wait no this is not - I CAN EXPLAIN! | Pinterest Humor

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