Martie Kitty

Martie Kitty

Bohemia / Enjoy the little things,♥ animals and healthy food. I believe in a positive attitude combined with a faith in the sovereign God, the creator of all the things.
Martie Kitty
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This design combines the shape of a pineapple and the image of tropical plants to emphasis the sense of tropical costume. The font is very dynamic and make people feel the vitality and enthusiasm.

Ocean Ave Lettering and Design Pineapple Logo Art Print by Ocean Ave… The shape of the pineapple is clearly defined whereas the inside is fun and organic in nature. There is an effective use of negative space.

Flowers boutique

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helpful keyboard shortcuts for tools in the Adobe creative suite WHERE HAS THIS BEEN MY ENTIRE LIFE

A cool little graphic detailing the keyboard shortcuts for some of the Adobe Creative Suite programs. Somehow helpful for a future graphic designer ( ̄▽ ̄) like me.