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My husband checking out a piece of pitch from the Pitch Lake, La Brea, Trinidad and Tobago. The pitch is a natural resource of Trinidad and Tobago Natural Resources, West Indies, Roller Coaster, Tour Guide, Love Photography, Mj, Pitch, Beautiful Day, Trinidad And Tobago

La Brea Pitch Lake, Trinidad And Tobago

In June of this year, my husband, daughter, her boyfriend and I drove down to the pitch lake in La Brea, Trinidad. La Brea is situated in the southern part of the island - past San Fernando. The roads in La Brea as basically impossible to repair. As the pitch continues to grow, it unlevels the roads in the area. Whenever I travel to La Brea, I always know when I have arrived in the area. The roads are like a roller coaster. There is one house that is basically destroyed by the ever growing…

Invasive Green Iguana In My Backyard - Tortola British Virgin Islands

Invasive Green Iguana In My Backyard - Tortola British Virgin Islands

Photo of an iguana in my back yard, British Virgin Islands

Review of waterproof Honsky memory card case with a cute butterfly pattern on the outside.

Review of Honsky Memory Card case

Review of waterproof Honsky memory card case with a cute butterfly pattern on the outside.

Clean Camera Lens Photography Tip

Clean Camera Lens Photography Tip

These are my best flamingo photos thus far. You see, these birds come to this Beef Island BVI pond when it is almost dried out that way it is easy for them to feed - as you can see in this photo, one of the flamingo's head is in the water fishing! This particular day, they were very close to the road so I was able to take some good close up pictures. I also found a trail where I could walk through the bushes and walk on the dry firm part of the pond. After I uploaded my photos, I saw that…

This is one of my most proud accomplishments. Water Art, Love Photography, Photo Art, My Photos, Mj, Image

Water Art

Today I found myself not having any pictures to post so I took a friend's advise, to take the simplest thing around me and make art out of it. So I went to my bathroom and took pictures of the water dripping from my shower head and believe me, I had lots of fun doing it! I took about 40 pictures and I like this one the best! Bottom line, you don't have to go very far to make art!!!

 Benedict Historical Church Trinidad And Tobago Port Of Spain Trinidad, Trinidad And Tobago, Roman Catholic, Mosque, Love Photography, Cathedral, My Photos, Mansions, House Styles

Historical Buildings In Trinidad And Tobago

Mt. St. Benedict Church, St. John Road, St. Augustine Trinidad Muslim Mosque, St. Joseph Trinidad Roman Catholic Cathedral, Port Of Spain Trinidad St. Joseph Catholic Church, St. Joseph, Trinidad

  Beautiful Sunrise, Beautiful Morning, British Virgin Islands, Love Photography, Cool Pictures, My Photos, Past, Scene, In This Moment

British Virgin Islands, Tortola Sunrise

One beautiful morning as I was driving to work, I saw this beautiful sunrise. It was just magnificent. I just had to stop and take a photograph of this scene. I had just gotten my new blackberry cell phone and I was anxious to see it take good pictures. This was my opportunity. It past my test. I just wanted to make the moment last forever. Location: Hodges Creek BVI.

Ducks At Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands Tortola British Virgin Islands, Great Photos, My Photos, Going Solo, Mj, Hanging Out, Animals, Animales, Animaux

Ducks At Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

I love these photos of these ducks at Jost Van Dyke British Virgin Islands

Frog Trapped

This picture looks a bit - scary even looks like an alien!!! It is a frog and it is trapped between the window and the hurricane shutters. I was at the Old Governor House Museum (Road Town, Tortola BVI) in the Stamp Room when I notice this frog. I thought that it was dead but as I looked closely, I saw that it was breathing. I hope he gets out of there alive. Check out the suction cups at the end of its 'fingers'! The Stamp Room is the newest exhibit at the Old Government House Museum. The…

Invasive Green Iguana In My Patio - Tortola British Virgin Islands Tortola British Virgin Islands, Green Iguana, Backyard, Patio, Cool Pictures, My Photos, Mj, Animals, Animales

Invasive Green Iguana In My Patio - Tortola British Virgin Islands

Iguanas on Tortola British Virgin Islands

Moko Jumbies (stick walkers) at the East End BVI Festival

BVI East End August Children's Festival Parade 2012

These awesome photos were found in my archives today. The event was the BVI East End August Festival Parade 2012. Photo taken with Nikon D60 DSLR Camera Young stick walkers at the East End August BVI Festival Parade 2012

My mom and I took the water taxi in Trinidad and Tobago, from Port Of Spain to San Fernando and there we saw this artist doing his thing. Port Of Spain, Catamaran, Love Photography, Taxi, Trinidad And Tobago, My Photos, Water, Artist, Mom

Water Taxi In Trinidad And Tobago

Going Down San Fernando ... My mom and I took a trip to San Fernando, Trinidad via the Water Taxi. The Water Taxi is a large catamaran that transports passengers to and from Port-Of-Spain to San Fernando and visa versa. This trip was a first time for both of us via this Water Taxi. The whole idea about this service is to reduce the traffic situation that exists at the peak hours between San Fernando and Port of Spain. Commuters can park their vehicles in San Fernando and visa verse and enjoy…

Laughing Sea Gulls At Cruise Ship Dock Tortola, British Virgin Islands Tortola British Virgin Islands, On October 3rd, Love Photography, My Photos, Cruise, Mj, Cruises

Laughing Sea Gulls At Cruise Ship Dock Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Laughing Gulls

to A Great Free Online Photo Editor Great Photos, My Photos, Birthday Party Photography, 13th Birthday Parties, Photography Jobs, Photo Online, First Photo, The Rock, Photo Editor

Pho.to A Great Free Online Photo Editor

I recently had a 13th beach birthday party photography job and after the event I had to edit some of the photos because some of the photos had a sort of a white wash even though it was a beautiful, bright sunny day. Also some of the people wore white clothing and I noticed that in some of the photos, the background was a bit white so it clashed with the white clothing. I thought about doing some color enhancement and did a search on the internet, Google of course! I found this online photo…

  Wild Chicken, Dog Died, New Friendship, Sad Day, Love Photography, I Love Dogs, My Friend, My Photos, Mj

Fluffy, The Dog, My New Friend

This is Fluffy my new friend. He belongs to my neighbor and most times when he hears activities upstairs (his home is in the downstairs apartment), he will come upstairs and look for me. Initially, he stayed away from me until I made friends with him. I allowed him to come close to me and get my scent. I was then able to pat his head and massage him a bit under his neck. He likes that! Is fur feels very course. Most times he would approach me with his head bowed down and I would raise his…

Auto Focus With Canon EOS M100 Camera Is Effortless

I found these beauties in the hills of Long Look, East End, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, this morning. Mother nature at its best. This plant seems to be growing wild!!! Auto Focus with my Canon EOS M100 Camera was effortless!!!