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Gallery of House D / HHF Architects - 15

– – –– ––– modern interiors, concrete and wood, doors, entrances, minimalism - House D / HHF Architects

Pineado por H A B I T A N 2 www.habitan2.com Decoración handmade para hogar y eventos 24 Examples Of Minimal Interior Design

24 Examples Of Minimal Interior Design #36

Vivienda CC3660 / Cardoso + Zúñiga

Vivienda CC3660 / Cardoso + Zúñiga

I've always liked the idea of pivot doors. They are a great way to open and close space. Similar to the Japanese sohji screen.


Gallery of "Khamsa" House / Atelier Koe - 14

Architecture Photography: “Khamsa” House / Atelier Koe For bedroom door and change the glass for mirrors!

Portas Pivotantes

Portas Pivotantes

enochliew: “ Glass pivoting door by Anyway Doors These hinges make it possible to make a glass pivot door up to that feels light, pivoting centrally to ”

Wood front door.

Galería de Vivienda Avilés-Ramos / Ceres A+D - 4

Image 4 of 19 from gallery of Avilés-Ramos Residence / Ceres A+D. Photograph by Luis Ceres Ruiz