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What You Should Look For In A Good Massage Parlor. Have you been waiting to get a massage? Fear not, this is a common concern among people new to massages


Reiki is considered a spiritual healing system that originated in Japan centuries ago. The Japanese word Rei means "Universal Life" while the word Ki means "Energy.

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Reiki symbols and their meanings are sacred. They can enhance the flow of life energy when used during a session These symbols can also open doors. OMG Now I GET IT I am ready to  reiki healing youtube ! I checking out  !! Is it really that easy to do?

I'd love to get back to this again. 18 years ago I started this! attuned to level 2 and got spectacular results with people. But then my own trauma started bubbling up and i freaked and ran away. A theme I'm working very hard to break.

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If written with ink it will prevent 2 weak demons, or 1 (normal) demon from entering. If written with blood with will block three average demons and one strong one. *Only works on buildings