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Thank you Mabes you made me smiiileee ( you can get a pack of scratch n sniff stickers)! Haha this is really cute :) and we both like scratch n sniff stickers xD


This is adorable, and congrats to this mom for raising her little girl well.>>>this little girl is gorgeous! You go Raven Marie

Oh Aiden what have you done Dipper gonna kick you---- sorry for the language, it was just too good not to repin

Over protective Dipper. Seriously though he should really do what Dipper says because Dipper learned to shot a laser from Gruncle Ford and can and will kill this guy if given the chance. We all know Dipper would for his twin.

Dance moms

(As a mother this girls mom should of been there, unless. Is this the bathroom?

Dance moms comics

Dance moms comics if u don't know these girls are ur not a dancer 😊


This is unfair! Abby is so mean! Christy does what she does but Melissa goes on vacation with boyfriend instead of going to LA with Maddie and Mackenzie. Anyway's Chloe beat Maddie and Kendell at the Dance Awards!

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This is a very funny comic and it is so true. After they kissed Maddie actually didn't like it but Gino told everyone she did.

Dance moms comic

The 3 main dancers,only for abby chloe is nothing but last, but we all know she was the best!

This is a dance moms comic i made myself using pic-collage . Thoughts?

This is a dance moms comic i made myself using pic-collage . So true