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Multifunction Bed that Can be Turned Into an Armchair - Ted Bed

Ted Bed Ted Bed is a super-practical sofa that easily turns into a comfortable chair. Check out the web page for all folding possibilities. Ted Bed is currently in production, stay tuned for more.

Handmade Lamp with iOS and Android Integration - Si Lamp

This is a handmade lamp by Dorota Rogalska and Patryk Habryn from Fluffy Beast.

Simple Glass Vase with Frozen Time Effect - Flowers

This is a little project by Roland Beaubois from Graph Concept. A simple glass Vase that tilted to create an amazing effect.

Minimalist Lamp with Beautiful Sun and Moon - Sun Moon Table Lamp

Art Donovan have designed this beautiful and minimalist table lamp called Sun+Moon. It looks beautiful in the dark and makes you feel like in the outer space

Expandable Modern Desk Designed for Worker - Siori

This is a desk designed by Hideaki Asaoka for people who love to work. It consists of two desks, placed one above another to create different levels to place

Modern and Unique Table Lamp in Number 8 Shape - 8light

The project in Dongsung Jung's series is this unique sculptural lighting object: the Like the name suggests, the takes its shape from

Furniture Collection in Most Used Typographic Fonts Shape - Decortype

Furniture Fonts These concepts are by Italian designer Claudio Scotto. They’ve been produced for a (presumably) fictional furniture catalogue, ‘Decor Type’, using Autodesk Max. Claudio has chosen.