Perennials That Bloom All Summer

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How to Grow Blue Pumpkins !

Blue Pumpkins

NASTURTIUMS:Hummingbirds & Monarch Butterflies Excellent planted with looseleaf lettuce which attract Goldfinch for seeds if left to go to seed. Great planted with herbs. Performs best when left alone, never over water and never fertilize. Leaves and flowers are edible, have a peppery flavor. love nasturtiums and love how they look in planting boxes on this deck. Can also be planted along the edge of a sunny walkway.

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Creeping Phlox

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My Grandmother instilled in me the necessity to have Hydrangeas in a happy home

CHALK & TALK: Hydrangea

Pretty hydrangeas

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5 Inspiring Ways to Create a Cottage Style Garden - Town & Country Living

5 Inspiring Ways to Create a Cottage Style Garden - Town & Country Living

what to plant in a planter

5 Tips for Perfect Outdoor Planters

My Mother always had Bachelor Buttons in here cutting garden.

Things I Like..: Dagje Friesland

Rose-shaped succulent called Greenovia dodrentalis

Wonderful stuffs: Garden With Love!

Salvias, also called sages, are some of the most versatile plants around. Most varieties are drought tolerant and feature beautiful flowers with pleasantly scented, attractive foliage. The key to success is knowing which varieties are right for your yard.

A Gardener's Guide to Salvias

How to root hydrangea Flowers Garden Love

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All Things Shabby and Beautiful

Morning glory in tree.... by floridapfe

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english cottage garden borders - This is what Im trying to achieve. I only wish they had identified all the flowers.

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King's Lynn glads

K. Van Bourgondien & Sons - High Quality Dutch Flowerbulbs and Perennials at Wholesale Prices

The Beauty of Flowers*

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Brazilian Plume Flower

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One pinner wrote: I love rhododendrons, and have two in this beautiful shade of purple; however, they tend to get overgrown and "bushy." So, I trimmed out the entire bottom of mine, making the bush into a tree. I then planted some shade-loving plants beneath it. Everyone keeps asking me where I got those "trees!" ;)

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Purple Morning Glory Spirals

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Blue Enchantress® Hydrangea - An exquisite new re-blooming hydrangea with stately ruby-black stems supporting big, beautiful, mophead flowers. Blooms continuously through summer- flowers are blue in acid soils and pink in more alkaline soils, fading to a lovely cream-splashed green.

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Butterflies love the brightly colored Tomato Soup Coneflower, it's a perfect spot to perch and rest.

Tomato Soup Coneflower - Monrovia - Tomato Soup Coneflower


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500 Snapdragon Opus Red Garden Flower Plant Plugs DIY Landscapes 10247

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10 Heavenly Smelling Plants for Your Yard- Plants that smell delicious that are perfect for your yard and garden

10 Heavenly Smelling Plants for Your Yard and Garden