Lauren Bacall... Pure glamour.

As Lauren Bacall's life posessions go on sale in New York, we look at the star of Hollywood’s golden age, who was famous for her husky voice and smouldering beauty, and who starred in a string of classic movies opposite her husband, Humphrey Bogart

The fashion is timeless and beautiful.

photo from a 1944 issue of Life Magazine, a kind of look at girls passing the intersection of Hollywood and Vine, in Los Angeles I love her hair and her dress! The whole outfit is smashing!

Bicycling-1940s. Simpler times.

Riding bikes with friends, some of my favorite memories growing up.

Vintage style. Classy.

theladyingenue: “My favorite part of summertime is being able to wear all my vintage summer dresses ❤ …& having drinks with good friends. 😊 Here is a beautiful summer cocktail recipe that is as pretty.

Vintage sports.

Vintage sports.


This is one of the most famous photographs from the Second World War. Apparently the nurse slapped the soldier immediately after. The event was the celebration of the end of the war and it was taken in Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt. New York 1945

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"The Olympia cinema in Cardiff was ran by a local family in the 1930s" - I saw the 1930s was a decade of economic and political instability. However, 1930s also was the decade of film. It also was the golden age in Hollywood. A lot of full-length films were produced in this decade.

Can you afford a trip to the cinema?

Catching the Criminal Early Police Early Policemen known as 'Peelers' Most prosecutions were not carried out by the police, but by private individuals, normally the victims of the crime. Anyone who was thought to have committed a crime, was taken to the parish constable or magistrate by the person who caught them. Even in places where there was a proper police force, most prosecutions were still started by private citizens.

Early Police Uniforms - the picture illustrates the winter uniform, the blue swallowtail coat paired with blue trousers and the early reinforced top hat

1950s history including Popular Culture, Prices, Events, Technology and Inventions

history including Popular Culture, Prices, Events, Technology and Inventions

snapshots of willowbrook

Willowbrook at Newfield