story of my life.

Funny Confession Ecard: I've been overthinking about otherthinking again.

Let me sleep

Sometimes, the amount of self-control it takes to not say what's on my mind is so immense I need a nap afterward.I do occasionally practice self control!

She loved three things -- a joke, a glass of wine, and a handsome man.

More like, "She loved three things -- a joke, a glass of wine, and.another glass of wine. Infinite glasses of wine. In fact, just give her the whole bottle.


The poem above my desk

So much truth. If I were really really ridiculously wealthy, I wouldn't buy a mansion, just tiny apartments in every city I love.

Exactly! I don't depend on my husband to make the money! I make my own money.... all I need is love and loyalty! :)

spoil me with loyalty. I can finance myself. I still would like to be spoiled with lunches and flowers!

Cuss words

For fucking real! I have a potty mouth, so yes, I sometimes feel like this.