Hi·lar·i·ous (adj.)

Characterized by or causing great merriment. [ Latin hilaris, cheerful ] hi·lar i·ous·ly adv. hi·lar i·ous·ness n.
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Tumblr funnies. At the dinner table, my sister asked all of us what color we thought her boyfriend's shirt looked like. After we all said gray, she turned to him and said "now tell them what color you think it is" and he just quietly replied "dark white"

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This was my brother and me growing up. My punishment always stuck. My brother drove everybody crazy in the house within 10 minutes and was released to play outside again.

I am so gonna make a card like this sometime...bahaha Friends AWESOME Dogs Who Don't Realize How Big They Are. This dog could mop my kitchen floor by rolling over. Haha! Nathan has really creepy friends…

If you ask me again to marry you, my answer is YES, I do. I want to marry you. I created this blog for me to remember the feeling of our wedding, how happy I am when I marry you and how lucky I am to...

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