by Laurie Lipton: God how I miss his contribution to the art of film making. He could act anything and make it believable. What a tragic loss for humanity ®... #{T.R.L.}

Stellar drawing of an amazing actor in his most memorable role. Heath Ledger as Joker.


Disturbing and Provocative Art Laurie Lipton I think? Please correct me if I'm wrong!

Laurie Lipton

Skull and lace pencil drawing. Artist uses built up cross hatching in extreme detail. Day of the dead, Halloween, Dark, Black and white, Macabre.

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noprintsleftbehind:    Laurie Lipton

This month sees a new exhibition by artist Laurie Lipton atthe go-to gallery for the dark arts, Last Rites in New York, entitled “Carnivalof the Dead”. Lipton’s fascinatingly unnerving drawings com…

I wish this Laurie Lipton piece would end up on an All Saints shirt so I can BUY IT!

thefugitivesaint: “Laurie Lipton, ‘La Luz ’ (The Light), 2011 ”

El arte macabro de Laurie Lipton11

El arte macabro de Laurie Lipton

Amazing & incredibly detailed drawing by LAURIE LIPTON "The Last Embrace pencil on paper, 51 x 59 cms

Dag 359: Waarom en Hoe is Seks een Taboe? - De Seksuele Paranoia Series

Laurie Lipton - Bone China - Charcoal & pencil on paper