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Shoe swoon!!

#Killer #heels with #accesories
  • Casey R.
    Casey R.

    I wonder where are they from?

  • Maryann Rizzo
    Maryann Rizzo

    Zara and Primark both had these, but it was last year :(

  • Casey R.
    Casey R.

    Awe Shoot! Wish I would have noticed back then! Thank you so much Maryann! Maybe I'll check on Zappos or DSW sometimes they carry last seasons inventory :) Much appreciated.

  • Elena Andrade
    Elena Andrade

    love them i want it

  • Melodie Williams
    Melodie Williams

    Oh yeah...a fall MUST HAVE!!!

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Beautiful turquoise and coral from Uchizono Gallery.

Uchizono Gallery

FOUND Collection by Will Leather

Indian Silk Rag Rug Clutch

Classic pencil dress

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  • Marta Orobitg
    Marta Orobitg

    I miss looking at nice dresses like this,!

  • Nijole Travis
    Nijole Travis

    Wishy body looked like this!!!

  • KMA

    Pretty sure that's Meranda Kerr

  • Maryann Rizzo
    Maryann Rizzo

    Yes it is.


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Gorgeous outfit!

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  • Barbara Gagliardi
    Barbara Gagliardi


  • Maria Marra
    Maria Marra

    Timeless elegance

  • melissa miller
    melissa miller

    gorgeous couple!

  • Karine Latham
    Karine Latham

    Very classy!!!

Donna Karan. love it.

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  • Kathy Jordan
    Kathy Jordan


  • Barbara Helton
    Barbara Helton

    I wish my legs were this long!

  • Pat Kennedy
    Pat Kennedy

    Wish I was tall

Indulgy - Everyone deserves a perfect world!
  • Rini Prastiwyasti
    Rini Prastiwyasti


  • Chris Katrichis
    Chris Katrichis

    OMG! Gorg!

Zac Posen gown...gorgeous.

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  • Ginger

    Pretty but looks like she dragged herself out of the sea!

  • Christine Ervick
    Christine Ervick

    I think thats the effect the designer was going for, and perfectly achieved.

  • Maryann Rizzo
    Maryann Rizzo

    I think it's the flowing waters of the sea.

  • Marlana Riley
    Marlana Riley

    I wonder what the front of it looks like?

  • Angela McPhail
    Angela McPhail


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Blugirl Fall 2013

Leopard Heels | Shipped Free at Zappos
  • Candy Joy
    Candy Joy


  • Jenni Reed
    Jenni Reed


  • Hannah Jervey
    Hannah Jervey


Vintage Chanel ♥

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  • Brenda Willans
    Brenda Willans

    Love this necklace!


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  • Liz Malmquist
    Liz Malmquist

    I adore this it is stunning

Bottega Veneta Spring 2015

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  • Linda Morris
    Linda Morris


  • Patty Lee
    Patty Lee

    Want the shoes now!!!

  • Keely Raquel
    Keely Raquel



    Keely Raquel obsessed


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* Details

Jenny Packham at New York Spring 2015

Linda Fischer, 54: On fashion: "If you have a shape at this age, show it - it’s very aging not to reveal that you have a body. If you want to fall into the abyss of middle age, go ahead and get comfortable!"

This Is What 50+ Looks Like

no matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful. - Eleanor Roosevelt #beauty #quotes

10 of the Most Brilliant Beauty Quotes — Ever - Daily Makeover
  • marianna calabrese
    marianna calabrese

    that is so true

Stockholm Street Style

Tip of the Day: How to Pull Off a Laid-Back Look This Fall

Sarah Pacini

Просто о моде.: Лукбук весна 2012 Sarah Pacini


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  • Patricia Skopal
    Patricia Skopal

    Looks like Jessica Rabbit!

  • BeeHappy ...
    BeeHappy ...

    haha exactly what I thought...!!!

  • Maryann Rizzo
    Maryann Rizzo

    Yes she does :)

  • Paula de Monterrosa
    Paula de Monterrosa

    she is Jesssica Rabbit!!

  • Patricia Skopal
    Patricia Skopal


Juan Carlos Obando

Fashion Shows, Runway Reviews, and More -

Jennifer Hudson. Beautiful photo.


KENZO | Lizard-effect leather pumps | Net-A-Porter

KENZO | Lizard-effect leather pumps | NET-A-PORTER.COM

Alice + Olivia Suede Pumps in Sapphire. Sexy cut! | Neiman Marcus

Diana Serrated Suede Pump, Sapphire

Daryn Sandal | Nordstrom

Glint 'Daryn' Sandal | Nordstrom