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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

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little blue deer
  • Lisa Saunders
    Lisa Saunders


  • Mia Evans
    Mia Evans

    Give me more shimmer!!!!!!

  • Laurie Proctor
    Laurie Proctor

    Love her eyebrows

  • Mia Evans
    Mia Evans

    Me too!!! I wish my brows were this fabulous

  • Jordan Zimmerman
    Jordan Zimmerman



2014 | Justina Blakeney Est. 1979

lol :)

New Years Resolution List ? - Crazy as a Bag of Hammers
  • Melissa Trout
    Melissa Trout

    So true.

  • Troy Gardner
    Troy Gardner


  • Mary Latini
    Mary Latini

    That's about right

  • Matt Thomas
    Matt Thomas

    Wish it wasn't true...

  • Felicia Breeden
    Felicia Breeden

    Well said....

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Decorating Resolutions

Your 2014 Decorating Resolutions
  • Susan Schorzman King
    Susan Schorzman King

    Love the rug.... The whole room!

Decorating Resolutions

Your 2014 Decorating Resolutions
  • Donna Reed
    Donna Reed

    Love this room

Decorating Resolutions

Your 2014 Decorating Resolutions
  • Frederica Vincent-Nelson
    Frederica Vincent-Nelson

    Love it!

  • Victoria North
    Victoria North

    How beautiful :-)

  • Sharon Mitchell
    Sharon Mitchell

    Goodness! ♡♡♡

  • Sorcha Little
    Sorcha Little

    Needs more lanterns and some pillar candles. Cool idea. Add to Lotto list.

  • Mary Schott
    Mary Schott

    to plain, needs at least a accent color. I agree candles would be a start, maybe that could be the color needed!

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  • Carlita Ceballos
    Carlita Ceballos


  • Vinessa Cruz
    Vinessa Cruz


  • Melissa Anstine
    Melissa Anstine

    It has to be!!! :)

  • Romana Rojas
    Romana Rojas

    I will make 2014 THE BEST YEAR EVER!!!!

  • Carla Jordan
    Carla Jordan


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Forward >>>

  • DeeVonda Wise
    DeeVonda Wise


  • Kim Wood
    Kim Wood

    New year new challenges!

  • lexie brown
    lexie brown


  • Denise Hourihane
    Denise Hourihane

    it's all a blurr..

  • Christie Martin
    Christie Martin


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  • Alicia Vasquez
    Alicia Vasquez


  • Maryann Rizzo
    Maryann Rizzo

    Namaste :)

The only resolutions I'm willing to make this (or any) year....

2014 To-Dos - Thyme Is Honey
  • Jennifer Dominguez
    Jennifer Dominguez

    the best New Years resolution

  • Becky Coku
    Becky Coku

    Must have been written for me

  • Sally Watt
    Sally Watt

    Amen to that maryann

  • Vickie Long
    Vickie Long

    Love it. ..

Happy New Year...♥

  • Sandra

    I hope so..I'll do my best...Happy New Year to you too!

  • Maryann Rizzo
    Maryann Rizzo

    Thank you :)

  • Jane Zachary Jones
    Jane Zachary Jones


  • victoria goforth
    victoria goforth

    yes happy new year !! xxx

  • DeeVonda Wise
    DeeVonda Wise


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Cheers to the New Year!

  • Pamela Robins
    Pamela Robins

    Happy New Year to All

  • Deborah DeCampos
    Deborah DeCampos

    Happy New Year 2014 will be awesome!

  • Marta Rizzolo
    Marta Rizzolo

    Happy New Year Keep pinning. Love all

  • Wendy Wheeler
    Wendy Wheeler

    Happy New Year to all pinners.....may you laugh your way through 2014!

  • Dora Leon
    Dora Leon

    Happy 2014 New Year ~ Enjoy... Life is Goooood....!!

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2014 New Year's Facebook Covers, 2014 New Year's FB Covers, 2014 New Year's Facebook Timeline Covers, 2014 New Year's Facebook Cover Images

  • Sandra Taylor
    Sandra Taylor

    Happy new year!

  • Lynda Leamaster
    Lynda Leamaster

    happy new everyone

  • Vena Orange Oliver
    Vena Orange Oliver

    Happy New Year to You!!

New Year's Eve :)

2014...your year to SHINE!

Happy New Year - Festive, sparkling and glistening cake pops
  • Leonie Farrington
    Leonie Farrington

    Happy New Year Maryann :) - here's to more happy pinning in 2014 :)

  • Maryann Rizzo
    Maryann Rizzo

    Thank you Leonie...all the best in the coming year!

  • Maryann Rizzo
    Maryann Rizzo

    Happy New Year to all...make it a great year!

  • Wilma Slaugenhaupt
    Wilma Slaugenhaupt

    Happy New Year from NW PA! :) Best wishes for the best of everything.

  • Maryann Rizzo
    Maryann Rizzo

    Thank you Wilma...same to you :)

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Happy New Year!!

  • Joy

    Have a great 2014!!

  • debra werner
    debra werner

    peacein our new year

  • ✨💫💕Sparkling💕💫✨

    Wishing you all a safe, healthy & happy 2014

  • Mary Carroll Lalonde
    Mary Carroll Lalonde

    Happy New Year Maryann!!! & Happy New Year to all!!

  • Maryann Rizzo
    Maryann Rizzo

    Happy New Year to all...make it a great year!

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Tick tock...

It's almost here...Happy New Year everyone!

  • Silvana Peroni
    Silvana Peroni

    Grazie mille Maryann !

  • Maryann Rizzo
    Maryann Rizzo

    Festeggiare e godere! Tutti i migliori il prossimo anno!

  • Diane Graham
    Diane Graham

    Happy New Year!!

  • Kym Driskell
    Kym Driskell

    Happy New Year to you all!! I hope that 2014 is a great one and everyone is happy and healthy!!!

  • Maryann Rizzo
    Maryann Rizzo

    Happy New Year to all...make it a great year!

Home for the holidays! Celebrating New Years in my hometown of Buffalo, New York. Hope you all enjoy yours wherever you may be. Happy New Year! :)

Archives: 2013 December
  • Lorie Coleman
    Lorie Coleman

    Happy New Year from Columbus, Ohio!

  • Maryann Rizzo
    Maryann Rizzo

    Happy New Year to all...make it a great year!

  • Maryann Rizzo
    Maryann Rizzo

    And YES Wendy....Wegman's ROCKS! :))

  • Debbie Bell
    Debbie Bell

    Happy New Year to you too. Always love to see what you pin!

  • Maryann Rizzo
    Maryann Rizzo

    Thanks Debbie! Happy New Year...all the best!

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Celebrate...but be safe! Don't drink and drive. Happy New Year!

  • Emma Koester
    Emma Koester

    What she said

  • Peggy Van Tassel
    Peggy Van Tassel

    Happy New Year!! I hope you have Great Year!!

  • Maryann Rizzo
    Maryann Rizzo

    Same to you...all the best!

Woo Hoo!

  • Maryann Rizzo
    Maryann Rizzo

    I'll let you know in the :)

  • Allison Douglass
    Allison Douglass

    Bahahah wishing all a great new years !!! Dance a jig for me !

  • Alisha Botkin
    Alisha Botkin

    Haha maybe! :)

  • Donna Tomlinson
    Donna Tomlinson

    Been there Done that Happy New Year

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Cheers! ...Here's to a new book!

  • Susan Pope Kenyan
    Susan Pope Kenyan

    Here's to a great 2014

  • Theresa Harris
    Theresa Harris

    Cheers! Happy New Year!

  • Kenneth Gipson
    Kenneth Gipson

    My book is already filled. I need an eraser!

  • Nancy Davis
    Nancy Davis

    May each page be an adventure

  • Sue Hoffpauir
    Sue Hoffpauir

    It's January 10! - so make that 355 days to finish! LOL!

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Happy New Year!

Wishing a year of dreams come true to everyone! Happy New Year ♥

  • joan turchino
    joan turchino

    Thank you and back atcha.

  • Wendy Wheeler
    Wendy Wheeler

    Make it a truly "Happy" New Year pinners!

  • Lynda Leamaster
    Lynda Leamaster

    2014 should be a good year for dreams to come true, everybody have a great year

  • jennifer bortz
    jennifer bortz



10 Things to Do with Kids on New Year's Eve
  • Jennifer Rothschild Ministries
    Jennifer Rothschild Ministries

    Love these ideas for mothers!