Jumbo eggs

I remember my chicken's jumbo eggs were so big I had to use a rubber band to hold the carton closed!

~ The Nosegay ~

Vintage Printable - The Nosegay Tobacco Ad I think that must mean "happy nose".or flowers? Love this bright, vibrant ad.

Soir de Paris, Bourjois Parfums Giclee Print

Soir de Paris, Bourjois Parfums Vintage Perfume and Cosmetic Posters Oversize Giclee Canvas Prints from Enjoy Art.


heaveninawildflower: “ Front cover of ‘Green’s Nursery Co’ Catalogue 1910 with an illustration of ‘Syracuse New Hardy Raspberry.’ Rochester, N. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural.

Prof. Horsefords' Baking Powder

Ways to Identify Your Collector Dolls