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glass pretties
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#Stained #glass #window using recycled #lids, glass lids from the side

This artist repurposed cut glass & crystal lids & covers, in the manner of stained glass. (I so wished now I kept the lids of the broken candy dishes!

<3 blue [ you too, eh?]

Original pinner says, "Stumbled on a collection of 4 "Green" antique glass ink wells in varying shapes at Uncommon Objects in Austin, TX. sitting here wondering what beautiful or sad letters they were privy to?

Fresh flower bouquet tip.fresh cut flower water: quart of water, tsp. I keep a double batch in a 2 qt. mason jar under the sink.

Hazel Atlas Lemonade Set with yellow, red, orange and green stripes...

Hazel Atlas Milk Glass Candy Stripe Lemonade Set in Holder.I've only seen one of these in my many years collecting


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