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Preschool Bird Feeders

Preschool Bird Feeders

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Great craft! We decorated our milk jug birdfeeders! The kids had a blast making them and check on them daily.

Pure and Noble: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Milk Jugs

Et une activité rigolote à faire avec ses enfants, une ! Le pack de jus de fruit hiboux en petite mangeoire à oiseaux ! ON EST FAN ! #kiri #bricolage #enfant #mangeoire #oiseaux #loisir #creatif #diy #jusdefruit

Juice Carton Crafts: Owl Bird Feeder - Red Ted Art's Blog

I like the idea of doing bird cakes in cups to make clean-up and transport easy. Once home the cup can be removed and hung from a tree.

bird-cake-recipe-3[1] - Red Ted Art's Blog

DIY - Bird Feed Recipe (no baking required) + Step-by-Step Tutorial. Easy DIY.

After christmas for the birds

After christmas for the birds

Painted bird feeder

Upcycled can bird feeder.

Upcycled Craft Ideas - Happy-Go-Lucky

tips to attract birds and how to make your own birdfeeder.

home-garden | P&G Everyday

Nature Crafts For Kids

For-the-Birds Feeder
  • Susan Williams
    Susan Williams

    These look,great but I can't find the recipe

DIY Bird Feeders--a perfect summer project. Something kids could help with too!

DIY Bird Feeders
  • Carol Terrell
    Carol Terrell

    Do you think this could be done with empty soup cans? I wonder if they'd be big enough? I want to do this craft with my Girl Scout troop but I don't want to have to buy 12 empty paint cans. We are all about reusing what we already have.

Yes! I love this as an alternative to the peanut butter/pine cone standard. It works for kids with peanut allergies!

Rockabye Butterfly: Presents for our Woodland Friends
  • Chelsea Genord
    Chelsea Genord


Bird Feeders

eighteen25: Bird Feeders

birdfeeder- nature camp

the chirren would love to make these

Bird Cake feeder

laugh make nurture organise play » Blog Archive » Bird Cake

Birdfeeders made from orange rind, peanut butter/cornmeal/oats/seeds/fruit

Natural Handmade Birdfeeders

Yes! I love this as an alternative to the peanut butter/pine cone standard. It works for kids with peanut allergies!

Rockabye Butterfly: Presents for our Woodland Friends
  • Kimberly Gabel
    Kimberly Gabel

    I love the idea of giving the gifts to the woodland creatures in the form of decorations! Very clever. I think my Daisy troop will try this too! Thanks.

  • Chelsea Genord
    Chelsea Genord

    How long does it take for them to become hard?

  • Kimberly Gabel
    Kimberly Gabel

    For me it took several days to really dry. If you take them out too soon, they fall apart. If you wait 5 days or more they are hard and crumble out. It didn't work right for me. I think I will have to try it again. Hope that helps a little.

  • Chelsea Genord
    Chelsea Genord

    Ok thanks Kimberly. I'll have to explore other ideas. I was hoping to make bird feeders with my preschoolers but we are peanut free so we can't do the good old fashioned way. I saw these and thought they were cute.

Bird feeder made from Popsicle sticks!

X-TREME Bird Feeders - Create-Celebrate-Explore

* Cut the orange in half. Remove all of the pulp until you are left with an empty shell. Oh, and don’t toss the insides. * Thread your needle with a 2 foot length of yarn. * Poke the needle across the shell and through the opposite side. * Do the same thing on the other side. The goal is to make a “cross” through the center of the orange. * Pull the gathered ends of yarn together and tie a knot at the end. * Finally, fill the shell with your birdseed


  • Lisa Peabody
    Lisa Peabody


  • Melody Butler
    Melody Butler

    Great Idea for Cub Scouts. Thanks!

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Make A Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Birdseed Ornaments - great gifts! Fun to make with kids.

{Smith} Peas in a Pod: Get Crafty {Birdseed Ornaments}

natural bird feeder: tin pie pan on top, bagels, peanut butter and bird seed.

toilet paper tube, peanut butter, roll it in birdseed and slip it over a branch.

The Moffatt Girls: National Recycling Day and a FREEBIE!

recycle kids crafts bird feeders

Green Kids USA » Recycling Crafts for Kids