Preschool Classroom Management/Discipline

Find ideas on management behaviors so that you get the good one that are needed to learn in your preschool or daycare.

Preschool Classroom Management/Discipline

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64 positive things to say to kids I absolutely LOVE this

64 Positive Things to Say to Kids

Adorable Classroom Management Rules poster - the Mr. Potato Head visuals are perfect for your non-readers!

Classroom Management {and a freebie}!

Get students ready for the hallway with this quick and easy saying.

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Don't push my button shared by Teach Preschool, great for teaching how to follow directions

Don’t push my button!

Our daily schedule in preschool by Teach Preschool

Our daily schedule in preschool

Ten Fun Ways to Use a Flannel Board by Teach Preschool

Ten fun ways to use a flannel board

Real tools versus pretend tools by Teach Preschool

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Read-Aloud rules

Back to school : Read-aloud rules for classroom centers

Ten Tips for Circletime in the Preschool Classroom by Teach Preschool

Ten tips for circletime in the preschool classroom

The Positive Classroom: challenging behavior

The Positive Classroom: challenging behavior
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    Interesting material.

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Classroom Management Ideas- includes hands signals for a quieter classroom, transition ideas, routines etc

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Biting, Hitting, Kicking And Other Challenging Toddler Behavior | Janet Lansbury

Biting, Hitting, Kicking And Other Challenging Toddler Behavior

Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein

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Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules Freebie by melonheadz

whats fair?

technology rocks. seriously.: Fair

Listening with your eyes and brain.

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When the melt down is starting have student pick a calm down activity Great Visual.

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Really great management ideas. Definitely worth a watch.

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    Becca Drew Emmerich

    Fantastic! Such a beautiful community in that classroom.

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    Been in a lot of classrooms this is amazing. I am impressed.

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    Well done! Great strategy!

Classroom management using sign language. Download classroom sign language posters.

Non-verbal classroom management tips -

Cute youtube video about the power of working together. Synergize

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Pretty effective. no more running and pushing in line!

Mrs. Mayas' Kindergarten: Cricut Creations! :)

50 Classroom Reward Ideas That Don't Cost A Lot of Money

50 Classroom Reward Ideas That Don't Cost A Lot of Money

Classroom Manners Social Skills Posters - 30 pages - PDF file 30 pages designed by Clever Classroom 25 basic, classroom social skills for the early childhood classroom. Are we forgetting our manners? Are you constantly reminding children to return notes, say thank you, put things back where they belong and so on? Well these posters will be a great addition to your classroom and social skills programme.

Classroom Manners and Expectations Posters - Social Skills

Self-calming video (and others from yourtherapysource...) . . . suggested uses: watch during a time out to calm a child's emotions, watch in a classroom following motor breaks to calm the body, stress relief at the end of the day, etc.

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The Tattle Tale - Baby Looney Tunes 10 minute clip about tattling

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