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Percy Jackson graphic novel. Blackjack is sassier than Percy. The titans curse. Part 1

I love Blackjack because he's so sassy - the titans curse graphic novel

Percy Jackson WOO!

The face you'll make when someone's talking about your mama. Nobody talks about my mama (except me).

HP, THG, Percy Jackson I´m part of the fandom ;)

The person before this said"except not Percy Jackson I haven't read the books.and a lot more yada" TISK TISK<<< I love Harry Potter and Percy Jackson I wanna watch and read the hunger games too though

It doesn't even have to be Percy Jackson. I'm like that for all my fandoms.

It doesn't even have to be Percy Jackson. I'm like that for all my fandoms.<<<<Whoever says they hate Percy Jackson they must've watched the movies instead

I made this with all of the things that mean the most to me: Percy Jackson, Sherlock, The Host, Star Trek, The mortal Instruments, The Hunger Games, Les Mis, The Hobbit, Marvel, Beautiful Creatures, Harry Potter, Divergent, X-men, Star Wars, Supernatural and Doctor Who.. <3 <3

Percy Jackson~Sherlock~The Host~Star Trek~The Mortal Instruments~The Hunger Games~Les Mis~The Hobbit~Marvel~ Beautiful Creatures~Harry Potter~ Divergent~X-men~Star Wars~ Supernatural~and Doctor Who.

Percy Jackson's riptide, NO WAAAAY, O MY GODS, I NEEEEEED THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Percy Jackson's riptide<----Excuse me, but the amount of need I have for this is disproportionate to the amount of money I have, and also the size of the sword. Please contact me with the location of this weapon, so that I may mount a full-scale burglary.