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Watercolor pets by Endre Penovac // Акварельные питомцы Endre Penovac - Ярмарка…


"Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing." --Janet F Faure Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow by Sami Thorpe

Copied from an image taken by & Wild Life& / This sprightly character was drawn on medium surface cartridge paper using a mixture of – pencils. He took just over 25 hours from start to finish and is a particular favourite of mine.

little dancer

little dancer I ❤ this pic look at the big girl ballet slippers on the little feet they will grow into them before you know it .

В работы Елены Базановой невоможно не влюбиться. Увидев их всего один раз, тут же теряешь голову и забываешь о времени. Легкие, воздушные, живые акварели растопят…

Our 2 huge Maine Coons we have right now I am hoping might be our last cats. Non stop cats for over 30 yrs and diabetes, Aids, pancreatic problems, maybe all the kitties I have saved will be enough? I hope❤ loved them all very much.

(9) Одноклассники ♡

Одноклассники ♡ Imagine this on a baseball cap!

Grey Heron ;)

Artist Uses Calligraphy Brushes to Create Breathtaking Watercolor Paintings of Birds

Fifty shades of Gris / Gray Heron - we pass one of these on our way to work most mornings. My honey honey always stops because he knows how much I love to watch the heron.