this is awesome

Mini loft bed to make a fort. If I am ever blessed with a little girl this will be the way I want her room. Because this is what I would want as a little girl!

DIY Co-sleeper made from a $69.99 IKEA crib! I actually really like this one and it would last a LOT longer than those teeny tiny ones they make for newborns. Plus it gives the child "their own bed" feel if you're having a rough night.

A DIY Co-Sleeper hacked from an IKEA crib. That's the cheapest co-sleeper crib I've seen yet!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party cake!

Cake made with a ninja turtle cake pan. I've also seen one made with fondant - shape a circle cake and don't have the mask's tie on the side.

lindo cuarto de bebe

Love this room! Adorable nursery idea - black, grey, and pink color scheme, thick horizontal striped accent wall, name in cursive with first letter hung.