Kohler Waterfall Shower

Master Bathroom Interior Design Ideas~ Check out this shower! Like being under a waterfall every day if you wanted. And my guess the 6 round things in the back spray water as well.


Wimberly Ippel this is my future bathroom. Minus the multicolored tile floor (mine will be one color). The shower.the chandelier.I will have a fabulous bathroom. :P Of course.the bath is off in a separate area because it couldn't fit in the picture.

DIY Garden Planter & Birds Bath

DIY Garden Planter & Birds Bath I have one of these in plain pots and minus the bird bath.

Shower behind the Sinks .... AWESOME!!!

Shower behind the sinks. It's kinda like a cave.& you don't have to worry about cleaning shower door. My giant over flowing bathtub will be in the corner of this shower-cave brilliance. The wall color is stunning.

Love the sliding glass door to the shower...

Bathrooms Made for Relaxing

outdoor bath/shower

Outside shower/bath why do I need an outdoor shower/bath? Because I have a metal smithing/garage/art studio and an outdoor garden which I like to keep my house clean when coming to & from these spots, so a shower would be nice, plus I have the space.

must have.

Our Tub Caddy is a bathtub tray made from eco-friendly reclaimed wood. Enjoy a book as you relax in a hot bath, and use it as a bathroom shelf when you’re done.

Cornelis Le Mair's Bohemian bathroom

Bath Room of 'bowerbird' and artist Cornelis Le Mair - turkish tiles, indian textiles, taxodermy, bohemian (loathe taxidermy)

Contemporary rustic; Cote Sud

Some really great ideas for a DIY bathrm makeover: build a simple wood vanity w open storage, buy 2 ceramic square sinks & set on top, find cool wooden wine crates & cigar boxes to use for toiletries (with plumbing done by a professional of course!

Collaged walls

walls, with a set of encyclopedias.with crumpled brown paper bags, was beautiful, looked like suede.