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Plastic craft - Plastic


THIS IS A LOVELY< INEXPENSIVE PROJECT! I think you will enjoy it! A recycled jewelry DIY TUTORIAL on how to make necklaces out of plastic water bottles by Artistic Junkie.

Make a little ladybug / lady beetle from a golf ball and plastic water bottle.

plastic leaves~ from plastic soda bottles

DIY Flowers of Recycled Plastic Bottles

Sharpies and solo cups into art

Mix liquid watercolor with Elmers (for a more translucsent) or with Mod Podge (for a more transparent) for brilliant color. Use plain hair dryers to stiffen the plastic into the signature spirals in his chandeliers. Use Clear-Lay plastic film (Blick) to create the spires and water bottles for the spirals, also chicken wire, c-7 Christmas lights, and duct tape (for the spires' bases).

Seven Simple Shrink Plastic Pendants! - JEWELRY AND TRINKETS

Kathe Holden is the Queen of Crafting! This is a great project complete with downloads.

Colorful plastic spiders! What a great idea! Just using the top of plastic bottles to make head and legs. 2 small white balls for eyes. Hole in the cap to string them up.

Make a Mirror from Plastic Spoon! This is stunning.

DIY Plastic Bottle Christmas Trees

Shrinky Dinks Flowers and Leaves - finally found the tutorial for shaping the flowers ************************************************

Shrink Plastic Blueprint Charms

Plastic Bottles - a Second Life

Plastic Bottles - a Second life

Plastic Bottles - a Second Life

Turn plastic bottles into leafy (feathery?) earrings -EASY_ but NO INSTRUCTIONS, but this picture is all you really need to know. You can embelish the clear with many products, if you wish, and there are many colors of plastic bottles.IY

Organization on the cheap. We like using this one in our classrooms, but some of our scientists have picked it up for their needs, too.

Recycle milk cartons as storage hanging on a bathroom curtain rod - clever!