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Toothpick Trick - Science Experiment For Kids

Toothpick Star Science Experiment - This science experiment is simply magical. Show your kids how you can turn broken toothpicks into a star without touching them. (This could work into the Juniors Flowers Badge or the Cadettes Trees Badge, too!

Magic Tea Bag Rocket! Great for older students, need supervision for younger students.

You'll get different results from different brands of tea.but this is an AWESOME demo! Magic Tea Bag Rocket - awesome Science Experiment for kids!

Fizzing Colours - A baking Soda and Vinegar Science Experiment for toddlers and preschoolers - Happy Hooligans

Kids will be fascinated with this colourful, fizzing baking soda and vinegar experiment! You can set it up with just 3 common kitchen ingredients!

Make an easy, cheap and incredible lava lamp just preparing four materials: water bottle, food coloring, vegetable oil, and alka seltzer.

I found a fun, cheap, and easy project in Family Fun magazine about making Lava Lamps with things you already have in your house. You will need 3 empty water bottles ( I don't normally buy this kind of water,.

This is very cool and easy math activity and found very useful to teach sorting and counting. I would pass this pin. Children will match the same color of pom-pom with the bottle color.

Instead of numbers write the color word on the bottles. Sort pom-poms by color. Empty each bottle and count the pom-poms. Then record how many pom-poms were in each bottle. Add the two colors together for addition practice.