This portable charger has it's own generator making it a great charging solution for the adventurers in your life.


The safest gift to get anyone on your holiday list

How to remove every stain in the world:

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Single Use Packs, made using straws and a lighter. Great for traveling! This would work for all kinds of things like toothpaste, etc. Label with fine point Sharpie.

Make your own cheap single-use antibiotic packets

He Positions A Sponge In His Refrigerator’s Crisper. What It Does Will Save You Money

He Positions A Sponge In His Refrigerator’s Crisper. What It Does Will Save You Money - Trendfrenzy

Duck Tape Shoe Upcycle Tips

Make and Takes

Life Hack: Cover Scuffed Shoes with Duct Tape | Make and Takes


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Why You're Doing Your Laundry Wrong - DailyFinance Savings Experiment

Why You're Doing Your Laundry Wrong - The Savings Experiment

Sulky Iron-on Transfer Pens makes transferring an image onto paper, fabric, wood (and any other surface that you can iron) quick and easy. Simply trace the image with the pen on plain white paper, the

Snuggly Monkey

Black Sulky Iron-on Transfer Pen

DIY Flower Pot Smoker

DIY Flower Pot Smoker

Driver Side Under Dash Storage

Drake Off Road™ Driver Storage Pocket

Ceiling fan direction, I always forget and have to look this up

The WHOot

Handy Hints | TheWHOot

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 27 Pics


Sea Rose Patterned Paint Roller and Applicator Set

the best times of the day/year to buy things. #flowchart #infographic


The Best Times to Buy Infographic Shows You All the Savings by Month and Day
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No more frayed cords. The Klip is a simple, easy-to-use charger protector that takes a proactive approach to keep your Apple cords from fraying.

The Grommet

Charger Protector by Tudia

55 Genius Storage Inventions That Will Simplify Your Life -- A ton of awesome organization ideas for the home (car too!). A lot of these are really clever storage solutions for small spaces.


55 Genius Storage Inventions That Will Simplify Your Life - Page 42 of 56 - Listotic

Items Needed for a 72 Hour Emergency Kit! The kit will last you at least 72 hours during an emergency, natural disaster or power outage.

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Manual washing machine to use for power outages or as a hand powered washing machine Hand washer machine for delicates and sweaters Hand washes clothes as well as a portable washing machine DIY laundry for camping, fishing, hunting, expiditions and RV trips DIY washing machine to add to your emergency preparedness supply list or 72 hour kit in case of earthquake, flood, tornado, hurricane, or other natural (or even not-so-natural) disasters

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Glass Herb Keeper in Food Containers, Storage | Crate and Barrel


Glass Herb Keeper

Portable Trash Bag Holder... Great thing to have when camping, and your trash bags just end up folded over on the ground! #camping #outdoors #cooking


Portable Trash Bag Holder

52 Meticulous Organizing Tips For The OCD Person In You


52 Meticulous Organizing Tips To Rein In The Chaos

The more you know: Vinegar kills 82% of mold species and is effective for common fabrics.

The Huffington Post

How To Get Rid Of Mold Once And For All

Use hooks underneath your desk to keep wires out of the way.

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Install a new smoke detector that protects your home stylishly.


Cool Smoke Detectors

Julienne Peeler ~ easy to make shoestring potatoes or carrot strips.

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