Paisley Cake. eat-drink-be-merry

Free Wedding Planning for ethnic brides. Finally an online wedding community where we can share our ideas, our diverse cultures and new wedding traditions. The net's african american wedding planning site with a Printable Wedding Planning Checklist.

Blue Moon and Corona Cupcakes!! dessert-recipies

Corona and Blue Moon beer cupcakes! I will do the blue moon just because I dislike Corona.

Crocheting with Sheets!!! craft-ideas

Crochet with old sheets as yarn and a giant hook- for floor rugs (gorgeous color!) I have so many old sheets this would be a good project on a rainy day.

Craft and sewing table. If guys get a man cave, shouldn't I get a lady nook? making-a-house-a-home

DIY plans for cubby bookcase/table. I want to use this in my extra bedroom for sewing and crafts

Lace+old frame for-the-home

Love the lace idea for jewelry hanging. Add chicken feed sack material behind frame. ~ Lace for earrings with backs. Use open frame, glue corks, cover with choice fabric, add hooks

. funny

Grammar, the main difference between knowing 'your shit' and knowing 'you're shit'.