Maryjean Viano Crowe

Maryjean Viano Crowe

Belfast, Maine  ·  My mixed media works incorporate clothing, large-scale photographic assemblages, light box shrines, artist books, paper cuts and mixed media constructions.
Maryjean Viano Crowe
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shweshwe dresses gallery 2017 / 2018

shweshwe dresses gallery 2017 / 2018

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his stunning dress is made from genuine, cotton African Wax print. Pretty Mixed African Wax Print One Shoulder Dress Cotton With Side Zipper and Removable Tie Sash.

The economist cited in the Wall Street Journal's trillion" hitpiece on Bernie Sanders debunks the WSJ, says Sanders' plans save money

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Bernie flies coach again...What a contrast to Hillary's private jet.... - Democratic Underground

My Hippie Trails novels stand witness to the fact the Revolution of Peace & Love is far from over. Just listen to Bernie Sanders . Bernie flies coach again.

Unelectable? Bernie Sanders has won 14 elections. In his last election, he won 71% of the total vote, with 25% of Republicans voting for him.

Bernie Sanders has won 14 elections. In his last election he won of the vote, with of the Republican vote -- because Bernie is the candidate that speaks to the concerns of ALL Americans.

Bernie Sanders: NO I WILL NOT YIELD! | | "US spends $300 billion on military when facing no major enemy threat. Use this money to help fix a broken America, help fix the middle class, provide basic health care to everyone rich or poor, provide free public education to anyone. No I will not yield!" - Bernie Sanders 6/4/1992

In 1992 Hillary was having her final cocktail party with her fellow board members at Walmart, getting ready to lobby for cutting welfare benefits and pass get tough on crime legislation. In 1992 Bernie was saying this.

Bernie Sanders Rocks The Southwest By Drawing 13,000 To Rally In Tucson, AZ  BERNIE SANDERS LEADS HILLARY IN NEW NATIONWIDE POLL with First Debate in 6 Days   BECOME AN INTERNET ORGANIZING POWERHOUSE FOR BERNIE ... HERE'S HOW: "How YOU Can Get Bernie Sanders Elected"

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) drew a rocking crowd of supporters in Tucson, AZ to hear his common sense solutions for giving government back to the people.

While Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have similar favorability ratings, Clinton's unfavorable ratings may be helping socialist Sanders' race to the top.

Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream is endorsing Bernie Sanders for President. He shares his ideas for a new flavor called "Bernie's yearning.

Paper Cut Sculptures by Peter Callesen

<b>Peter Callesen, Transparent God, fact that Callesen only