Get the Mary Kay Look

Inspired by our favorite Mary Kay products, here’s how you can get the Mary Kay look!

Get the Mary Kay Look

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Give your lips a pick-me-up with a swipe of True Dimensions® in Rosette, Pink Cherie, Wild About Pink, Mystic Plum, or Sassy Fuchsia! | Mary Kay

Mary Kay® True Dimensions® Lipstick

Multitasking made easy. Highlight and define your cheeks all with one dynamic duo! | Mary Kay

Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color Duo


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Make a stunning entrance looking glamourous and sophisticated with the Mary Kay® Work Party Glam Look! #BeautyTip: Complete your makeup look by adding some sparkle to your nails, with the NEW limited-edition† Night Diamond nail lacquer!

Work Party Glam Look
  • Sharon Doggett
    Sharon Doggett

    I love Mary Jay products

Embrace a bold makeup trend for your thrilling night on the town with the Mary Kay® Theater Season Look!

Theater Season Look

Make a glamorous impression with the bright, beautiful makeup colors featured in the Mary Kay® Casual Celebration Look!

Casual Celebration Look

Lights, Camera, Glamour! Try these simple steps for a show stopping Mary Kay® Awards Night makeup look.

Awards Night Look
  • Amy Meador
    Amy Meador

    Meagan- I'm thinking of doing this look for your guests Saturday! What do you think?

Get a sun-kissed look perfect for summer romance with Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color in Amber Blaze, Spun Silk, and French Roast; Mary Kay® Lash Love® Lengthening™ Mascara in I ♥ Black; and Mary Kay® NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss in Mango Tango!

Romantic Getaway Look

The sun is out and it's time to amp up your summer style! Try shimmering shades of Moonstone and Granite with a sweet pop of Raisinberry.

Mary Kay | Official Site

We are officially ringing in summer with sunshine, picnics, and of course the perfect summer look!

Mary Kay | Official Site

Beauty and brains make for one killer combination. Rock the professional world with your own electric style using these fun shades in the Stylish Intern Look!

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Sun filled days and warm nights make for the perfect outdoor party occasion! Show off your party-ready radiance in the festive tropical hues. Learn how to get the Festive Al Fresco Look here.

Festive Al Fresco Look

Wedding season is in full swing! Toast the happy couple in shimmering grays and glamorous coral. Learn how to achieve the perfect Wedding Celebration Look here!

Wedding Celebration Look

Embrace summer with sandy browns and soft pinks! Here’s how to get this naturally stunning Surfside Romance look in four easy steps.

Surfside Romance Look

Easy-to-pair shades make this Romantic Getaway Look perfect for your next rendezvous!

Romantic Getaway Look
  • Jenny Whiting
    Jenny Whiting

    LOVE this pop of Mango Tango on her lips! Corals are the trend this summer and I have learned there is a shade of coral for EVERYONE!

Straight from Oprah’s Beauty & Hair Pinterest board! We love Mary Kay At Play™ Jelly Lip Gloss in Teddy Bare!

Lipsticks - Mary Kay
  • Melanie Bartels
    Melanie Bartels

    Love this gloss!!!

  • Charlene Floyd
    Charlene Floyd

    Fabulous shine... 4 wonderful colors!!!

  • Sarah Evans
    Sarah Evans

    One of my FAVORITE go to lip glosses!!

Petal stained lips and metallic eyes … what’s not to love? See how YouTube beauty guru Caitlin got this Vogue-inspired look the Mary Kay way.

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  • Dorothy Wolfe
    Dorothy Wolfe

    loved it but did she not use any foundation?

Pantone’s 2014 #ColoroftheYear is … Radiant Orchid! Work Radiant Orchid into your beauty routine with these stunning purple shades and top it all off with Mary Kay® Forever Orchid™ Eau de Toilette.

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  • Audrey Amiger
    Audrey Amiger

    What the lipstick? I know one is Mystic Plum.

  • Audrey Amiger
    Audrey Amiger

    Can you name all the product colors, I think I know most, but want to be sure. Thanks

  • Tangela Cromer-Clements
    Tangela Cromer-Clements

    Rich Fig, Berry Tart lipgloss, sweet plum, lavender fog ,and lilac eyeshadows, violet love @ play lip pencil, violet storm creme eyeshadow and @ play purple smoke pencil

  • Audrey Amiger
    Audrey Amiger

    Thanks, I thought that was Rich Fig but it's not as purple or lilac as they show on the picture.

  • Tangela Cromer-Clements
    Tangela Cromer-Clements

    Your welcome. :)

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Pair a perfect Friday outfit with a berry smoky eye using the Mary Kay At Play™ Baked Eye Trio in On the Horizon! See how YouTube beauty guru Alexandra got the look here!

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  • Paula Barwick
    Paula Barwick

    This is also a great look for career wear!

The Mary Kay Logo stands for a company that inspires, enriches and empowers women to do great things! Stay up-to-date with all things beautiful and Mary Kay by following Mary Kay US on Pinterest!

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"Repin" this picture if you LOVE makeup, too!

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  • Tangela Cromer-Clements
    Tangela Cromer-Clements

    Love it!

  • Geneva Vasquez
    Geneva Vasquez

    The best

  • Valerie Smyder
    Valerie Smyder

    This year is a milestone for me. This year marks my 25th anniversary of being a Mary Kay girl! I love you, Mary Kay! Here's to another 25 wonderful years together!

  • Jeni Feeser
    Jeni Feeser

    What's not to love? I love it all! Becoming a consultant for a product that helps me look my best and introduces me to such wonderful women is right up there with the top 10 best decisions in my life.

  • Valerie Smyder
    Valerie Smyder

    I do, too, Jeni. I hostess for my MK consultant, whom I'm celebrating my 10th anniversary with. She is the best! MK is going to rule the world!

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The Mary Kay® Best Sellers are the tried-and-true favorites of Mary Kay lovers all over! What Mary Kay® products would be at the top of your list?

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  • Elizabeth Sperrey
    Elizabeth Sperrey

    3-in-1 cleanser for sure! I have been using this for almost a year now! I am not going back to what I used before!

  • Bonnie Stern
    Bonnie Stern

    call or text me your order 516-220-8865 or & take 20% off :)

  • Sandra Avelino
    Sandra Avelino

    I love Mary Kay!

  • Sandra Avelino
    Sandra Avelino

    I love Mary Kay!

  • Gloria De Los Santos
    Gloria De Los Santos

    I so love this product. I sell alot of this. I even offer free facial and discounts for the first orders. or text me 919-672-5549

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Planning a summer road trip? We've got your beauty essentials!

Mary Kay | Official Site
  • Missy Conrad
    Missy Conrad

    Ooh how I looove this

  • .Antoyia.

    Travel Roll-Up Bag, Facal Cleansing Cloths and Lash

  • Elena Peachey
    Elena Peachey

    I like this!!!!

Do you know a little girl who dreams of trying Mary Kay? Check out today’s Beauty That Counts blog post to learn how you can recycle your old products to create new products just for her!

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  • Feexa Nicoll
    Feexa Nicoll


  • Debra Vaughn
    Debra Vaughn

    This could be fun for a big girl too!

  • Feexa Nicoll
    Feexa Nicoll

    Agree :)

  • Charlene Floyd
    Charlene Floyd

    For the "younger set" Mary Kay @ Play

What do you think? Is it a pink or red lip kind of day?

Mary Kay | Official Site
  • Lucia Villamagna
    Lucia Villamagna


  • Harlei U
    Harlei U


  • Caroline Edmondson
    Caroline Edmondson

    always pink :)

  • Valerie Smyder
    Valerie Smyder

    Today? Firecracker red!

  • Lolamaggie Thomas
    Lolamaggie Thomas


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