Dawn #3 by Ruud van Empel

Poppies -- By Ruud VAN EMPEL.he uses layers of digitally altered photographs arranged into a montage to create his images.

ruud van empel

Does anyone know who is the artist? I have another pin which is similar, but no artist's name was given. The name of the artist is Ruud van Empel, a Dutch photographer.

world #31 | foto: ruud van empel

Dutch artist Ruud van Empel talks about his art, including how to portray black children – Africa is a Country

Dawn by Ruud Van Empel

Dawn - Ruud van Empel 2008 Dutch artist Ruud van Empel has taken digital manipulation of photography to a new level.

Photo by Dutch Artist @Ruud van Empel / Flatland Gallery

Ruud van Empel: Photoworks 1995-2010

Ruud van Empel

Many of the “models” found in Dutch photographer Ruud van Empel’s work have an otherworldly appearance and live in an otherworldly environment.