Painted Christmas Reindeer Rock

With a couple of inexpensive supplies you will be making jewelry out of potatoes in no moment.

Sometimes the simplicity is the stuff that takes our breath away

Simple Art - Meme Center I could take a picture of everyones' work and then put on a power point. Play it on a loop during the ART EXHIBITION.

Custom made wood burned ornament. Send me the initials you would like in the heart and I will make your personalized ornament. Choose bear or moose at check out. Finished product will look similar to picture but not identical due to natural variations in wood. See the last photo for examples of how the wood slices can vary in shape, size, markings and bark. These ornaments measure approximately 3-4 in diameter and 1/4 to 1/2 thick. Wood is the gift for the fifth wedding anniversary! What…

Wildlife Ornament -- Custom wood burned white birch/aspen trees Christmas ornament personalized with initials, MOOSE

Disney movies have continued to reign over the animation industry for decades, but which era of their history are you from?

What Disney Era Are You From?

Pluto I trained under the Disney Design Group to learn to draw the Disney characters accurately and on-model. I also taught these characters in drawing classes in the Disney parks.

Bois brûlé bouleau tranche ornement à la main cuite peinte

Wood Burned Birch Slice Ornament Hand Burned Painted - Joy / Red Christmas Tree Ball