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a paper cut out of a person wearing a surgical mask with sticky notes attached to it
Testing Tips and Tricks - Just Reed & Play
This fun craft and 2 digit addition teaching strategy will help your first and second graders finally grasp addition with regrouping!
free lego math challenge cards with instructions for building blocks and other activities to help kids learn how to use them
LEGO Math Challenge Cards | Little Bins for Little Hands
LEGO Math Challenge Cards and LEGO Math Activity Busy Bag Kindergarten and Early Elementary Grades Math Center Time
a toddler playing with numbers and sand
Number Hunt Math Sensory Bin - Busy Toddler
NUMBER HUNT: A quick and easy math sensory bin that's perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! A quick and easy math activity; a fun way to match numbers; an easy indoor sensory activity; a learning activity for toddlers from Busy Toddler
the subtraction solve the room game is shown with green leaves and numbers on it
Subtraction Freebie Solve the Room for St. Patrick's Day
Are you looking for an engaging activity for subtraction? This St. Patrick's Day themed Solve the Room will have your students having fun while learning their subtraction facts. Place the cards around the classroom and have students find the cards and solve the subtraction equations. #mathprimary #subtractionactivity #St.PatricksDay
a piece of paper with writing on it that says, what's a fraction?
Cassie Dahl: Teaching and Technology
Looking for some fun anchor charts for your fractions lessons? Check out this post to see my favorite 3 charts and read some tips for making your anchor charts “pop”!
place value games for the classroom to practice numbers and counting with free printables
First Grade: Place Value
Place Value Cover Up: This fun 1st Grade Math activity helps students understand place values and the meaning of a number in a hands-on way!
three coins with the words, using you tube videos to teach coins
Teaching Math with You Tube Videos: Coins
four different types of dots with the words, the whole is and the parts are
Early Number Sense - I See Maths
Early Number Sense activities and printable
a bucket filled with lots of different colored cards next to a sign that says hundred's chart
Huntin' on the Hundred's Chart
Number Prompts for Hundreds chart - FREEBIE
a sign that says freebie friends of scoot by mrs white's firsties
Friends of Ten Scoot: Freebie!
FREEBIE! Friends of ten/making 10 scoot game. Fun, engaging, great for informal assessment.
a rainbow to 10 poster with the words how many ways can you make it?
Rainbow to 10 {FREEBIE}
Rainbow to 10 {FREEBIE}
the friends of ten extended version with a new verse 10 and balloons are on the floor
The Friends of 10 (Original version)
The Friends of 10 (Original version) - YouTube
ten counters on my frame with the words 10 frame song written in black and white
10 Frame Song & Printable Lyrics
Printable song lyrics and a you tube video demonstration! A Great song to sing with your students!