Circle time songs/stories on posterboard with laminated paper pieces. So simple and cheap!

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Five Little Ladybugs is a song or finger-play that can be used in early childhood and preschool classes. This PDF file contains the words to the so...

Five Little Ladybugs - Song Chart

Storytime ABC's: Flannel Friday Guest Post: Five Little Apples

Flannel Friday Guest Post: Five Little Apples

Little Red Valentine

Storytime ABC's: Flannel Friday: Little Red Valentine

hide a felt snowball behind different colors of felt mittens, say the following poem: Snowball, snowball cold and round behind which mitten can you be found?

Tons of Fun: Tot School - Mittens

So to accompany the book: The Mitten ~ sung to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell"

First Grade Wow

The Napping House for flannel board (free download from

The Napping House

Five Little Turkeys poem

Five Little Turkeys

5 Little Bats Free Printable

Freebie Friday – 5 Little Bats

Rudolph! Rudolph!

Loons and Quines @ Librarytime: Flannel Friday: Rudolph! Rudolph!

5 little monkeys sitting in the tree.

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Mary Wright Norman

Apple tree with Mr. Slinky worm. Tune of 5 little monkeys swinging in the tree. This is just cardstock cutout and Velcro so the apples and worm will stick.

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Mary Wright Norman

Fall songs for preschool - Where is pumpkin? - littlestorybug

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Silly Pizza Song Magnet Board

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Hippety-hop, Hippety-hay or 5 Little Bunnies

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5 Little Pigs Rolled in the Mud

Five Little Pigs Rolling In the Mud!

Colors in the Rain

Libraryland: Flannel Friday-Colors in the Rain

Five Little Bunnies

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5 Little Butterflies/5 Little Caterpillars

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Four Little Rockets

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Five Little Puppies

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FLANNEL SONG: Little White Duck Raffi’s Everything Grows album You can print my clip art file here.

spring | Sunflower Storytime

Ten in the Bed- Colors

100 Day Activities Apples Bake

Five Little Kites

Flannelboard: Kite

Mouse Paint. I can make this on my cricut die cut machine. Just cut out extra mice and cut in half on glue on bottom half to give the mix color. Simply enough so I will add this to my color story collection

Flannel Friday: Mouse Paint