Wedding Candy Bar Ideas!

A baby shower can be much more interesting and a bit puzzling if you make it a gender reveal one. Here are some sweet ideas to throw a gender reveal party.

Party Popcorn Saturday: Neapolitan Popcorn

Party Popcorn Saturday: Neapolitan Popcorn

Party Popcorn Saturday: Neapolitan Popcorn - White chocolate, milk chocolate, and strawberry coated popcorn make up a delicious and beautiful dessert trio perfect for gifting and entertaining! - Something Swanky

Happy Holiday Neopolitan Extreme Milkshakes!

Happy Holiday Neopolitan Extreme Milkshakes!

Poppytalk has basically got us salivating in our seats over these neapolitan milkshakes. This is limited in UK coffee stores, but has become the most requested product for a cheap price

Neapolitan Rice Krispie Treats! Uses Strawberry, Chocolate and regular…

Neapolitan Rice Krispie Treats- perfect for a girl baby shower. Or do appropriate colors, depending on theme. (Skip the strawberry flavored marshmallows & add real extracts plus food coloring?

Neapolitan Valentine Hearts Cookies Tutorial  by Make Something Happy ~ So Cute!

Neapolitan Heart Cookies It even uses my favorite Dutch processed cocoa- Droste! Wonder how strawberry quik would taste in the pink stripe?

29 Next-Level Ice Cream Treats You Can Make At Home This Summer

Take breakfast to the next level with a Belgian waffle ice cream sandwich

Ice cream cubes are so fun for summer. Just scoop ice cream into ice cube trays,put the tray back in the freezer to harden, then Pop out an ice cream cube whenever you want a little added sweetness in any drink!

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