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Mary Pretotto
Mary Pretotto

Mary Pretotto

Professionally, I'm @RogersMary. Here, I'm just me...Mom of two w/ a great husband and two cats who ruined my leather chairs.

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Drew Barrymore

ombre hair red and black - Google Search

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Agree: This looks awesome: i ♥ nude nails with a short, squared tip. its so pretty. I wish my nails would've looked like this when I got my engagement ring... damn lol

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An infographic about Pinterest *on* Pinterest.

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Rogers Innovation Report 2012 tech trends and predictions #RIRExplores Blog post at Complete survey results on Slideshare at

Rogers Innovation Report: 2012 trends survey 83% of Canadians surveyed have used their smartphone in the bathroom. #RIRExplores

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How is this not in every house!

Great staircase ideas.

Amazing use of under-the-stair space. Assuming you don't have Harry Potter living with you :p

Kids bathroom. Cute idea!

7x22' long skinny walk in I also like the mirror at the end, as an alternative to a window

A women's dream... Walk in closet!