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Products I Love

Products I Love

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MAC – Rio. Perfect for summer

MAC eye shadow - Expensive Pink

This is my new everyday lip color--NYX in Thalia. It's moisturizing, has a nice scent and is only 4 bucks!

Frou. This shade apparently looks great on all skin types with all hair colors.

Love me some Bumble and Bumble :)

MAC MAC MAC how to clean your brushes an make them last forever: by Stefani M MAC brushes are best brushes ever!!!! Great investment if you wash them with shampoo they will last forever!!!!! Mostof the brushes are real Hair so if you don't want them with shampoo after a while the oils from our face will break the brisltes. I've had mine since 2004 and I have only one brush I didn't wash consistently and I think I need another! Pour a bit of shampoo in a cup and fill slightly with hot water. Always keep your brushes facing down while washing bc the water will get into the metal and expand the wood handle then it will shrink and the metal part of the brush (head) will fall off do don't do that. Swish them around in mixture and wash off w clean water and lay flat to dry!:) the synthetic brushes like a foundation brush or some of the orange brushes that use a lot of wet products I wash with antibacterial soap. It's safe and I've been doing it forever and my brush is fine. I've had some of the trainers at MAC even tell me they wash theirs with dish soap bc it cuts the oil. These brushes are so expensive bc they are made w the virgin hair from usually a goat. The Virgin hair is when the hair grows out to a fine tip at the end . When the hair is shaved off the animal the shaven side is a flat tip. Blunted and the application of make up with a blunted tip is bad and those brushes are cheap! The Mac brushes use the other side and the hair is thinner and pointy making a seamless application on the face! Worth it worth it all the way! Invest in MAC brushes

lancome drama mascara



MAC: Mineral Skin Finish. This is perfect for girls looking for a natural glow. It has less coverage than the studio fix powder but leaves your skin with a very subtle sparkle. beautiful for summer time!

OPI: Bubblebath

black swan - opi- LOVE

Love bumble and bumble product!