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    DIY Garden Ideas

    DIY Garden Ideas

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    Tips for Growing Your Own Herbs

    Tips for Growing Your Own Herbs

    Use an old hose to keep plastic on a raised bed garden

    PolyTunnel Tutorial -


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    What is Seed Saving and Why Should I Do It? - Self Sufficiently

    What is Seed Saving and Why Should I Do It?

    Welcome to our blog, we are Jesse & Alyssa! We are on a journey to start homesteading in the country, to become debt-free, to build our own home, to live a healthy lifestyle and to live life to the fullest. We created this blog so that we could share our journey. Why are we taking …

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    Homestead Survival: Creating a Personal Seedbank

    How to Design a Year-Round Solar Greenhouse 6 principles :Insulated Foundation Greenhouse

    How to Design a Year-Round Solar Greenhouse

    Repurposed Pallets: DIY greenhouse

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    Vegetables with heavy fruit (like melons and pumpkins) benefit from growing through and sprawling over a pyramid support of stout timber to keep their vines and fruits off moist soil. Photo Credit: ©2002 Dolezal Publishing/Tim Butler


    How to grow bell peppers —two-level trellis to support pepper plants

    How to Grow Bell Peppers - Vegetable Gardener

    DIY Solar Pyramids: Plant, water and mulch. Construct pyramid - 4 posts tied together. Cover with greenhouse plastic film. You don't need to worry about watering again. A good start for tomatoes and zucchini. Vegetables, Garden

    DIY Solar Pyramids

    The average January temperature in Stockholm Sweden is 27 degrees Fahrenheit. This is cold. It costs money to heat the home. Growing vegetables becomes more difficult. As a solution, Charles Sacilotto and Marie Grammar have created a massive greenhouse…that their home lies within! They gave Fair Companies a tour of their “Naurhus” (aka Nature House) that is encompassed …

    This Swedish Couple Builds Greenhouse Around Home to Grow Food and Keep Warm Year Round -

    Not only do the soft, fuzzy leaves absorb blood and help it to clot more quickly, they also contain antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. All of these factors make this plant a really great alternative to store-bought bandages (especially since many of them are made in China!).

    How To Grow Your Own Antibacterial Bandages

    How to Clone Plants - How to Cut Clones - Octo Cloner - Cloning System - YouTube

    How to Clone Plants - How to Cut Clones - Octo Cloner - Cloning System

    EZ Clone 128 Aeroponics Cloner, QUICK How To, Rooting Aquaponic Basil Cuttings. - YouTube

    EZ Clone 128 Aeroponics Cloner, QUICK How To, Rooting Aquaponic Basil Cuttings.

    Growing your own food can be healthy and economical. Here are some ideas to help get you started whether you want a backyard garden or a small container garden on your porch.

    3 Free or Inexpensive Gardening Hacks

    Companion planting primer: Dill attracts the predatory wasps and they take care of cabbage worms.

    15 Smart Gardening Hacks to Save You Time and Money

    Learn how to find winter sowing containers that can be reused year after year, and how to easily clean your winter sowing containers for quick reuse.

    Cleaning Winter Sowing Containers

    More than 60 international experts have contributed their views to a comprehensive analysis of the challenges and the most suitable strategic approaches for dealing holistically with the inter-related problems of hunger and poverty, rural livelihoods, social and gender inequity, poor health and nutrition, and climate change and environmental sustainability - one of the most interesting and challenging subjects of present development discourse.

    Wake Up Before It Is Too Late: Make Agriculture Truly Sustainable Now for Food Security in a Changing Climate

    How to Build a Greenhouse for $150


    You’re probably familiar with hardy perennials, such as asparagus and rhubarb. These tough guys have cold-tolerant roots that allow them to survive whatever Old Man Winter throws at them and then sprout anew each spring. But did you know that some of your favorite veggies—tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and even sweet potatoes—are also perennials? Tender perennials, to be exact. These long-lived plants are native to places with warmer winters but are regularly grown as annuals further north.

    How The Pros Grow Peppers From The Same Plant Year After Year

    copper patina and rust container gardens, container gardening, repurposing upcycling, Summer container garden with rusted finish

    Copper Patina and Rust Container Gardens

    Make Glow in the Dark Stepping Stones Step 5.jpg

    How to Make Glow in the Dark Stepping Stones: 9 Steps

    Water Can Succulent Container Garden

    Creative Succulent Container Garden Ideas

    Turning a Wood Stove into a Mass Heater | Permaculture Magazine TO PROLONG THE GREENHOUSESEASON IN COLD AREAS

    Turning a Wood Stove into a Mass Heater