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The Remnant Chronicles

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Images that evoke the spirit of The Remnant Chronicles: The Kiss of Deception, The Heart of Betrayal, and The Beauty of Darkness

The lighting makes the once powerful woman look like she lost everything. That effect is created by the bright lights in the distance but the stormy gray clouds above her.

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From Mary E. Pearson's book The Kiss of Deception

From Mary E. Pearson's book The Kiss of Deception

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Fantasy, J.R.R. Tolkien, Middle-earth, elves, archery, cosplay, Medieval & Celtic culture, nature, landscapes. "Our love for this land is deeper than the deeps of the sea".

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This is a perfect example of medieval interior, with the simple but elegant tables and chairs, the beautiful candle lit chandelier and the cobbled walls brings out the historical theme of this castle. More

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Scriptorium XV © Mikel ARRIZABALAGA (Photographer, Basque Country) via [Do not remove this caption. The law requires the copyright holder be credited.] COPYRIGHT LAW REQUIREMENTS: HOW TO FIND the ORIGINAL WEB SITE of an image: COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT:

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books. forests. metal. Tolkien. lol catz. meditation. cartoons. comics. wandering. memes. history. heathen/pagan stuff. Game of Thrones. neuroplasticity. aminals. insomnia. castles. cats. My gods. gardens. photography. trees. bones. Supernatural....

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