AWESOME idea for Lego storage and table.

AWESOME idea for Lego storage and table - The inspiration came from this "Family Fun" magazine project: Lego Table. The smartly designed table uses three plastic drawer units on wheels, a board, stools and Lego bases to create the perfect building center.

re-purpose a crib mattress. Never would have thought of this

Storage Daybed Can you build a box? What about three boxes? Then put some trim on the outside edges? Then you can build a storage bed like this one. The Storage Daybed is actually made up of three benches. These benches are much more simple.

Lego wall.... Would be so cool!

Why does this have to be for a boy! Another Pinner: "Super fun idea for a little boy's room! My brother was super in Legos as a kid -- perhaps they should do this in Corin's room?

The 5 Best Playroom Organizing Tools.

Interior Design, Cheerful Kids Playroom Ideas In Colourful Decoration The 5 Best Playroom Organizing Tools Sunlit Spaces ideas kids playro. I really like the bench with storage