The Feelings Are the Same

Pictures related to the series - The Feelings Are the Same - stories about aliens and space travel.
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a painting of flowers and leaves on a brick wall
112. Foliage, flowers, and fruit of the Granadilla, Jamaica.
112. Foliage, flowers, and fruit of the Granadilla, Jamaica. botanical print by Marianne North
the feelings are the same ii by mary s shippard and mark shephard
The 3rd book in the series. What's space travel if you don't get to go to a beach at some point? (the beaches on other planets are not like the ones on earth)
the earth's surface is covered in yellow dots and orange dots, as well as numbers
Good article about Near-Earth objects. These 50 meter objects, and larger, are just beyond the Moon which is at 384,000 km / 240,000 miles. (Mars is 54.6 million km at its closest point). To get an idea of the size, last year the meteor that caused all that damage in Chelyabinsk, Russia, was 20 meters.
an artist's rendering of the space station and its satellite system, as seen from earth
NASA Picks SpaceX, Boeing to Fly US Astronauts on Private Spaceships
NASA has picked SpaceX's Dragon Version 2 manned spacecraft (left) and Boeing's CST-100 space capsule to fly American astronauts to and from low-Earth orbit from U.S. soil for the first time since the shuttle fleet's retirement in 2011. NASA announced the decision on Sept. 16, 2014 in a press conference at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.<br />
an artist's rendering of a space station and satellite
Incredible Technology: Giant Starshade Could Help Find an Alien Earth
A sunflower-shaped 'starshade' launched to space with a simple telescope could help scientists on the ground hunt for another Earth.
an artist's rendering of the inner planets, with its moon and earth visible
Hidden Ocean Found on Saturn's Icy Moon Enceladus, Could Potentially Support Life
Cartoon illustrating the possible interior of Enceladus based on Cassini gravity investigation, which suggests an ice outer shell and a low density, rocky core with a regional water ocean sandwiched in between at high southern latitudes. Cassini ISS images were used to depict the surface geology and the plumes.
the sky map with several stars in it
Epsilon Eridani - Wikipedia
Diagram showing star positions and boundaries of the Eridanus constellation and its surroundings. Close to Orion - if you're looking
the feelings are the same ii by mary s shephard book cover design and illustration
The second book in series. There are humans on other planets.
the feelings are the same by mary s shephard book cover art and illustration
The Feelings Are the Same I - it is all about the aliens and the humans having the same feelings (the aliens might be nicer)
two pieces of fruit sitting next to each other
Passiflora ligularis - Wikipedia
Passiflora ligularis - Wikipedia, also known as Granadilla (this is what the quinque eat)
a purple and white flower with green leaves
File:Passiflora laurifolia also known as granadilla - looks perfect for my story of aliens
an image of the solar system
Epsilon Eridani - Wikipedia
"Comparison of the planets and debris belts in the Solar System to the Epsilon Eridani system. At the top is the asteroid belt and the inner planets of the Solar System. Second from top is the proposed inner asteroid belt and planet b of Epsilon Eridani."
the night sky with many stars in it and some trees on the other side that reads, fridamus
Eridanus (constellation) - Wikipedia
Eridanus (constellation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
an artist's rendering of two planets in the distance, with water and land
NASA discovers 715 new planets | CNN Business
Scientists announced in June 2013 that three planets orbiting star Gliese 667C could be habitable. This is an artist's impression of the vie...
an image of the solar system and its planets
Solar System - Wikipedia
Planets in Solar System