Mary Stonecypher Maslow
Mary Stonecypher Maslow
Mary Stonecypher Maslow

Mary Stonecypher Maslow

Art Director, Graphic Designer, Adjunct Instructor | Winter Park, Florida.

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John Greenlee – Add Seasonal Accents. Muhlenbergia rigens (at R) is a native California bunch grass that grows quickly and sends up a 2-foot-high haze of fronds. | gardenista

Rodin / Luxury Hair Oil

On towel dried hair: mix two drops with one pump of Oribe Matte Waves (use an extra drop on long hair), air dry. Or on dry hair: rub one or two drops in the palms of your hands and work through hair starting at back and on ends. Makes hair super shiny and 'ironed' looking, v 50's.

Matte Waves Texture Lotion

I use on towel dried hair: one pump mixed with two drops of Rodin hair oil. Work through hair, then use a wide tooth comb to center part, pinning hair down on each side with a heavy duty bobby pin from COS.

Best shampoo for wavy or dry hair: nourishing but light - and smells incredible

New Brand Identity for Wenford Dries by ico Design — BP&O

Branding and architects pack for North Cornwall property development Wenford Dries by London based graphic design studio ico.

Three Mrs. Stitches notebooks that show their luminous threads on the covers with a sewing technique called Herringbone stitch.