Шьем трикотажную шапку-носок быстро и легко. МК                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Идеи для шитья

Make your own with stretch knit and lace wrap/collar. Mix/match with tops and dresses to stretch that meager travel carry on wardrobe.

Loop spitze und jersey dunkelgrau

i think i'm gonna consider stopping my knit lily of the valley lace scarf and just sew it to some pretty fabric. hmm created with a piece of fabric and lace.

More How To Style #2 with this versatile fabric - makes ponchos, shrugs, scarves, jackets, shirts  See Videos for more how to style http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xb_RpUSC1As  For Poncho, fold in half.  Put head through center, can wear at an angle, v at front, sideways.  Make the shirt by wrapping back and snapping at front, then draping neck over snaps.

Cardigan Like a Bina Brianca Wrap is Must-have Womens Top

Style with versatile fabric - makes ponchos/shrugs/scarves/jackets/shirts. Poncho: Put head through center to wear at an angle, v at front, or sideways. Shirt: Wrap back & snap in front, then drape neck over snaps.

felt fairy wand with sequins...for the little girls I know

DIY wands for your Super Amazing Princess Heroes! felt fairy wand with sequins.for the little girls I know

"Peekaboo" matchbox dolls. No tutorial, but it's just a tiny doll in a decorated matchbox, so no real instruction is needed.

Crafts for kids with matchboxes - 150 and more projects - Lapappadolce

Felt Christmas ornaments, 3 House decorations, Green and white patchwork houses, Holiday decor.

Felt Christmas House "Patchwork" Orns ~ make sharper edge at roofline? Dots w/white paint or Sharpie?

How to make needle felted Christmas tree ornament?

How to make needle felted Christmas tree ornament?

<Needle Felting: From Entry To Master > How to make needle felted Christmas tree ornament?

little green guys. Needle felted monsters.

The usual mini guys, who will be tagging along too.(one missing, still needs eyeballs!