Gifts for a Teenage Boy

This list is tailored to a boy 13+ who loves gaming and the internet, watches anime and shows like Doctor Who and Monty Python, plays guitar, reads a ton of fiction, and enjoys bike riding, swimming, and martial arts. Many of the things here would also appeal to the boy's dad.
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Boom Box Large Fun Box Tin Tote

Bubble calender | cool products

Cool product #duct tape

Guitar ice tray

Super Fun School Supplies - Now that school is in full swing, surprise your kids with these super fun supplies! They'll have a blast writing, stamping, and clipping.

Borg Cube Mini Fridge - $150

Constellations Nightlight - $30

Micro-Plus EX 9-in-1 Multi-tool - $9.99

8 GB Scandinavian USB stick leather braided bracelet

Steam Gift Card

Power Grid strategy board game - $31

Smash Up card game, core set - $22

Moon lamp, depicts all eight phases, battery-operated, has automatic shut off setting - $38

Starry sky and Greek constellations mug, images appear when heated - $15

Instant Party Snow Globe - $32

SPK2 vinyl figure mini series by Jason Siu for Kidrobot, blind box, 12 designs - $4

Star Projector -- $22

Luckies zipper pulls by FriendsWithYou, blind boxes - $4 each

Traditional Japanese kitsune (fox) mask - $24

Rubber Ninja Shuriken ~ manji style with dragon art - $2

Volcano Light - Can work as a night light, has an auto turn off after four hours. On sale for $35.95!

Amigaz black leather wrist cuff, 2 buckles - $13

Lamp-in-a-Box, NES controller shade - $30

LRG Core Collection Group backpack in navy, includes skateboard buckle straps on front - $49

Air Force Survival Handbook - $12