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Geometric vector objects and the engineering of them.
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a group of paper toy cats sitting next to each other on a gray surface with a black background
"Onigiri cats" cardmodels
FOLDATION.com blobby cat papercraft in two styles and four colors.
Lum's flying saucer cardmodel build
Miss Invader's dinghy from FOLDATION.com
several toy action figures are lined up on a gray background with the word splatk on it
four different pictures of an octopus cake
Masamune Washington's Pacman diorama
Pacman and ghosts diorama using polymer clay, expanded polystyrene foam, expanding urethane foam, paper clay and acrylic paint
some toys are next to a mug and ruler
Bubble-dragon Bob
BubbleBobble BubbleDragon Bob in Polymer clay and acrylic paint
four pictures of an elephant on top of green grass
Princess Daisy
Princess Daisy Elephant Fruit Power-Up figure in polymer clay.
three little figurines in pink and green outfits
two toys are sitting next to each other on a gray background, one is pink and the other is blue
Fuchsia Elephantis and Plumbing Spider
several images of different types of toy trucks and cars with the words converting weirdage written on them
transforming Wreck Gar papertoy
Now for something different. Done with only hinges and tabs, a fidgetable cardmodel desk toy of TransformersAnimated WreckGar.
Transformers Autobot Junkion Wreck-Gar cardmodel. Transformers, Autobots
Orange robot for October. #WreckGar #Transformers #Autobot #Junkion #papermodel #cardmodel
Transformers Autobot Junkion Wreck-Gar cardmodel.
an image of a paper toy that is made to look like a transformer robot
Shifting Machinations - Wreckage garbage truck
October 9, 2023: coming soon
three different types of paper toys with faces and eyes, one in the shape of a ghost
papercraft ghost
Holiday theme on FOLDATION.com 30cm tall, can wear it like a hat.
Gundam, Mini
Ephtaip mini, Ephtaip ISSR, Tequila Gundam
Ephtaip posable cardmodel figure