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High School Mascots

Interesting high school sports team mascots, fodder for

High School Mascots

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MaxPreps Mascot Monday: South Carolina high school mascots. The Palmetto State features Auctioneers, Wild Gators, Swamp Foxes, Devildogs and Battling Bishops.

Alaska High School Mascots. #highschool #mascots

Arizona High School Mascots. #highschool #mascots

Arkansas High School Mascots. #highschool #mascots

MaxPreps Mascot Mondays: Arkansas high school mascots - MaxPreps

California High School Mascots #highschool #mascots

Alabama High School Mascots. #highschool #mascots

Georgia High School Mascots. #highschool #mascots (Photo courtesy of Warner Robins football)

MaxPreps Mascot Mondays: Georgia high school mascots - MaxPreps

Colorado High School Mascots. #highschool #mascots

Connecticut High School Mascots. #highschool #mascots

Hawaii High School Mascots. #highschool #mascots

Delaware High School Mascots. #highschool #mascots

Florida High School Mascots. #highschool #mascots

MaxPreps Mascot Mondays: Kentucky high school mascots. The Bluegrass State is loaded with Colonels, but also includes some Juggernauts and Big Trains.

MaxPreps Mascot Mondays: Indiana high school mascots. Auto parts, old ladies, Ingots and Jug Rox. Yes, Indiana prep mascots stand out on a nationwide scale.

MaxPreps Mascot Mondays: Kansas high school mascots. The Sunflower State features Swathers, Greenbacks, Muleskinners and Ringnecks.

MaxPreps Mascot Mondays: Kansas high school mascots - MaxPreps

MaxPreps Mascot Mondays: Iowa high school mascots. The Hawkeye State comes out with Stormin' Pointers, Orabs, Nikes, Bloodhounds and copies of local college mascots.

MaxPreps Mascot Mondays: Maine high school mascots. They honor their New England roots in Maine with Shiretowners, Shipbuilders and Red Eddies. They also get creative with two kinds of Riots and Pandas.

MaxPreps Mascot Mondays: Louisiana high school mascots. The Pelican State features Chipmunks, Cajuns, Ladies & Gentlemen, Redstickers and Roneagles.

MaxPreps Mascot Mondays: Illinois high school mascots. The Land of Lincoln provides the nation with multiple pretzels, Cornjerkers, Appleknockers and Orphans.

MaxPreps Mascot Mondays: Maryland high school mascots Is anything wackier than Obezags? We doubt it. There are also Crabbers, Wildecats, Campers and 'Gators.

MaxPreps Mascot Mondays: Michigan high school mascots Michigan has a large array of mascot names you won't find anywhere else, like Nimrods, Doughboys, Chix and Dux, Magi and Battling Bathers.

MaxPreps Mascot Mondays: Mississippi high school mascots. Learn what a Rock-A-Chaw is, and check out the Maroon Tide.

MaxPreps Mascot Mondays: Missouri high school mascots. The Show Me State shows you Zizzers, Kewpies, Spoofhounds, Houn Dawgs and Liberators.

MaxPreps Mascot Mondays: New Jersey high school mascots.

MaxPreps Mascot Mondays: New York high school mascots. The Empire State features Jugglers, Larries, Thunder Chickens, Stanners and Big Green Machines.