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Hillary Clinton just joined Pinterest!

Hillary Clinton joins Pinterest because she's just like you, America


Don't forget to enter to win a "Best Use of Pinterest" Mashie!

What you need to win a Mashie award


Pinterest rolled out expanded gender options for its users.

Pinterest gives you more gender options now


Pinterest announced Buyable Pins, which displays a "Buy It" button on pages with items they can purchase.

With Buyable Pins, Pinterest lets you buy stuff right in the app


Pinterest's new "Pin It" button makes it faster for users to bookmark content across the Internet.

Pinterest's launches new 'Pin It' button for faster bookmarking


Pinterest is the latest tech company to secure an 11-figure valuation.

Pinterest raises $367 million in funding at $11 billion valuation


Pinterest is expanding its promoted pins feature to all advertisers.

Pinterest opens promoted pins to all advertisers


Pinterest is showing it means business.

Pinterest Rolls Out Deeper Analytics for Businesses

  • Nancy Flowers
    Nancy Flowers

    Yes it's me.

  • Nancy Flowers
    Nancy Flowers

    I'd like to see my pins

  • erikagaborova

    Enjoying it. Thanks.

Big news, pinners!

Pinned from
  • Claudio Peiro
    Claudio Peiro

    Its a great feature that should have been available since the start

  • Tshepo Makgohlo
    Tshepo Makgohlo

    LOL why from the start?

  • Claudio Peiro
    Claudio Peiro

    Well let's say you find something on Pinterest and you want to buy it or want to make something you thought is nice and you can ask the person that uploaded the pin for advice or where to get that product etc...

  • Medieval Masters
    Medieval Masters

    I've never understood why they kept us apart. I've made many friends here, had to find subversive ways to just say hello. Too manipulative. Let's see how this works!

Do these DIY hacks actually work? We did the digging for you.

Pin-vestigation: 11 Debunked DIY Tricks on Pinterest

  • Sandy Lenahan
    Sandy Lenahan

    Awesome article!!! Loved it

  • Natural Handcrafted Soap
    Natural Handcrafted Soap

    Like this

  • Muhammad Aliyu
    Muhammad Aliyu


  • Carol Belknap-Bopp
    Carol Belknap-Bopp

    No it didn't it washed off in the dishwasher.

Preparing for the apocalypse? There's a Pinterest board for that.

What's Pinned to Your Doomsday Survival Board?

  • Natural Handcrafted Soap
    Natural Handcrafted Soap


  • Michelle Prince
    Michelle Prince

    good grief.

  • Mary Kelly
    Mary Kelly

    That's scary

  • Josefina R.
    Josefina R.

    Do you believe in that?

Paid advertising is coming to Pinterest.

Pinterest's First Paid Ad Partners: Gap, Target, General Mills

  • Linda Heston
    Linda Heston

    Based on this landing page, it already sucks. Goodby Pinterst.

  • teresa roberts
    teresa roberts


  • Aloma McKnight
    Aloma McKnight

    No Ads

  • Brena Pearson
    Brena Pearson

    I don't like this new format,have already cut way down spending time on here!!

  • Josefina R.
    Josefina R.

    I luv your style, please manage the ads.

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"With unlimited secret boards, there’s no limit to the number of ways for you to plan, contemplate, practice and explore all the things you want to do. Go ahead, keep it a secret.”

Pinterest Announces Unlimited Secret Boards

  • Pamela Thoms
    Pamela Thoms

    Merging…yes, please.

  • Gypsy Stitches
    Gypsy Stitches

    merge please please

  • Aimee Riz
    Aimee Riz

    You know what else would be nice? If there was a sort of mass 'pin' option, like on your likes page? I've got all these likes for a particular board and it's a pain the butt to have to pin each one individually. It would be nice if I could select them all and pin them at once.

  • Gypsy Stitches
    Gypsy Stitches

    Absolutely, yes. I hope someone really reads these suggestions.

  • Josefina R.
    Josefina R.

    It would be nicer if I could select/check all that I luv and pin them only once. Hope you consider this suggestion and or unsolicited advice.

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Caribou Coffee is taking its Pinterest board to the next level. Literally.

Of Course the Mall of America Has a Giant 5-Story Pinterest Board

  • A Grand Illusion
    A Grand Illusion

    This is so fun and cool!

Target on Monday announced new design partnerships with some of Pinterest's top pinners.

Target Taps Top Pinterest Influencers for Design Collaboration

  • Tracy Skinner
    Tracy Skinner

    Very cool... Love the idea that Target is looking outside the box for advertising inspiration!

  • Roberta Armstrong
    Roberta Armstrong

    Thats me.

  • Antonia Ortube
    Antonia Ortube


Turn a Pinterest quote into a wall decal to make the perfect social media-centric Valentine.

6 Social Media Valentines for the One You 'Like'


"We want Pinterest to be a place where people can be authentic and share the things that interest them most, so we now prohibit paying per Pin or follow."

You Can't Buy Pinterest Fame

  • Ideas Woman
    Ideas Woman

    but how can they monitor paying to pin? I am not being paid, but gee, I could be easily paid to sit here and do what I do and no-one would ever know. All my pins are for me and my own inspiration so Pinterest please do not ban me because of these comments!

It's been four years since the last winter Olympics so here are some ice skating gifs to help you refresh your memory of the games.

14 Ice Skating GIFs to Warm Up for the Olympics


"Starting today, we support GIFs in all their animated glory!"

Pinterest: 'We Now Support GIFs in All Their Animated Glory'

  • Isadora Design
    Isadora Design

    Exciting new announced this morning!

  • Ideas Woman
    Ideas Woman


  • Kevin M
    Kevin M


Are GIFs coming to Pinterest?

Pinterest Is Experimenting With GIFs

  • R-Tools Technology Inc.
    R-Tools Technology Inc.


  • Mohammad Haidar (محمد حيدر)
    Mohammad Haidar (محمد حيدر)

    Pinterest . . . U ROCK

  • Adrian Lee
    Adrian Lee


  • Wantering Fashion
    Wantering Fashion

    Thanks for including us in this article. Excited for gifs!

  • Muhammad Aliyu
    Muhammad Aliyu

    Great !

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This tool could help Pinterest build up its search function.

Pinterest Acquires Image Recognition Startup VisualGraph

  • Dana D
    Dana D

    I don't get it...lol

  • Darcey Sharp
    Darcey Sharp

    I don't get it

While 33% of women use Pinterest, only 8% of men use the social network.

Study: 1/3 of Women in U.S. Use Pinterest

  • Wattle & Daub
    Wattle & Daub

    But the men that do use it are already ahead of the game

  • Tiffany Dabbs
    Tiffany Dabbs

    penterist is a good source of information in many areas. we love it

  • Jean Wynn
    Jean Wynn

    and there will be less of each group because of the new format they have which no one likes

From "Places and Travel"

Pinterest's Top Pins of 2013

  • Carrie Ma
    Carrie Ma


  • Tracy Skinner
    Tracy Skinner

    stunning photo... love the soft pastel colors!

  • Carmen Nassaney
    Carmen Nassaney

    It looks like a fantasy with the reflection in the water. Too beautiful to be real!

  • Mary Gaona
    Mary Gaona

    love it

  • Josefina R.
    Josefina R.

    Amzingly beautiful.

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Social shares from Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest Is Gaining Ground on Facebook and Twitter for News


Pinterest is opening its API to retailers.

'Popular Pins' Now Available on Brand Websites