Global climate change visualization using UK Met Office temperature data

Watch global warming spiral out of control in this new climate visualization

Here's which states eat bacon the most

An interactive map will tell you which U.S. states are shakin' for bacon

Here's how much Darth Vader Suit would actually cost

Someone worked out how much Darth Vader's suit would cost and it's ridiculously expensive

Your grandma's pointed nails from the '30s might actually be cooler than Kylie Jenner's.

125 years of fingernail trends

Here's what it takes to stock a cruise ship

What it takes to stock a cruise ship: 10,680 hot dogs and a boatload of wine

Wind and solar generation are skyrocketing in the U.S. as greenhouse gas emissions drop.

The renewable energy revolution is already upon us, report shows

Here's what people wear in their tinder profiles

Your Tinder outfit isn't doing you any favors

Here are the top 5 boys and girls baby names in 2015

More parents are naming their kids after Instagram filters

Infographic on how sugar sneaks into daily meals.

It's ridiculously easy to consume 50 grams of sugar during every meal

Here are the seven types of Thanksgiving dinner guests, categorized by plate

What your Thanksgiving plate says about you

We compiled a map featuring a spooky legend from each state in the United States

These are the craziest urban legends from each state

The world's most reputable cities ranked, according to Reputation Institute. #travel

Sydney is the world's most reputable city

Location, location, location.

The most iconic movies filmed in each state [MAP]

Food lovers -- What kind of foodie are you?

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Ever wonder what a transit map of Westeros would look like? Michael Tyznik created a series of maps inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones.

Artist Maps Out a Transit System for Westeros

Scientists break quantum teleportation distance record

Bazinga! Scientists break quantum teleportation distance record

How to #mix #beer with juice, soda and other beers to create entirely new #drinks.

9 beer combinations you have to try

Please be careful with your selfies

More people have died from selfies than shark attacks this year

In their latest print A Diagrammatical Dissertation on Closing Lines of Notable Novels, Pop Chart Lab breaks down literature's most famous last lines and diagrams them

See the grammar behind literature's most famous last lines broken down

Here's what your bagel says about you

What your bagel order says about you

Here's your survival guide for when you are so hungry it makes you mad

The best foods to eat when you're hangry af


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We took a walk around Times Square and charted the exact locations of the biggest costumed characters

Elmo, the Hulk and Iron Man: The costumed characters of Times Square

Receiving and responding to a Facebook notification makes you feel good, but does that mean you're on your way toward Facebook addiction?

How is Facebook Addiction Affecting Our Minds? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here's what people think are the worst tv series finales of all time

Man's impressive graph shows how hard it is to nail a series finale