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A string? Yay! Finally something to choke you with
  • Jacqui Blu
    Jacqui Blu

    Nooo! Don't give him a string!!!

  • ♛ Pⅈṣ¢ⅇȿ ♆ ⓭
    ♛ Pⅈṣ¢ⅇȿ ♆ ⓭

    Omg haha

  • Izzy Byfleet
    Izzy Byfleet

    I can understand this very much

  • Izzy Byfleet
    Izzy Byfleet

    Because I remember when I was little as in 12years and they would give me crappy toys in store

  • Organic Living Chic
    Organic Living Chic

    He's still as cute as ever :3

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Lilo & Stitch Laptop Decal

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Real life "Hobbit Hole"

Top 10 Pinterest Pins This Week

So true!

Top 10 Pinterest Pins This Week
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Keep the mess off the counter with these handy (and cute) spoon rests.

Pot Clip- Spoon holder, rest keeps mess off counters | Solutions

    These would be great for the kitchen.

  • Conway  Adventure
    Conway Adventure

    One of those things like a post it that you think, "Why didn't I think of that?"

  • Alex Clark-McGlenn
    Alex Clark-McGlenn

    This is bad. I think this is a bad, bad situation.

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The PaddleBrush features absorbent microfiber bristles that dry your hair as your brush.

QuikStyle Paddle Brush - Goody
  • Milly Losasso
    Milly Losasso

    I have this hair brush at home. It works really well and i have quite thick hair so this brush is perfect for drying my hair quickly

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cooking. This stopper will make your cooking that much easier.

Kuhn Rikon Large Spill Stopper Lids | Sur La Table
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Your phone finds your lost keys and your keys find your lost phone with the BiKN case.

Welcome :
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Node Electric Outlet eliminates the need for a power strip. Just plug it in anywhere on the square,

node - コンセント・ノード | METAPHYS
  • Smart Solutions Press
    Smart Solutions Press

    This looks like a smart solution to me!

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A Floppy Disc Notebook

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Hand carved 'Alien' Guitar

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His & Hers Key Holders

Home Improvements That Are Not Worth Your Money
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AIAIAI & Libertine Libertine USB Flash Drive

12 Fresh Designs Inspired by Nature –
  • Andrew's Reclaimed
    Andrew's Reclaimed

    hmm, neat

  • Dhiraj Thakur
    Dhiraj Thakur

    nice concept! :D

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Flat extension cord. Perfect for use under rugs.

Dwellers Without Decorators: You Don't Have It But You Need It -
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A handy dustpan with broom wipers.

Broom Groomer Dustpan |
  • Conway  Adventure
    Conway Adventure

    How do I not own this yet?! Whoever invented this, Thank you!!!

  • Organic Living Chic
    Organic Living Chic

    Very helpful for hairs that are attached on the broom

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DIY Berry Picker

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  • Ben Running Bear
    Ben Running Bear

    Wish I'd had one when I was a kid.

This pocket-size projector goes where TVs can't! Great for mobile phones.

Pocket Projector Mobile, 85-Lumen
  • Truck Driving Schools Info
    Truck Driving Schools Info

    That is awesome! Wanna see something even more awesome? 46,000 hot sexy babes. Follow me at


    Not bad.

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Magnetic floating sofa cloud concept.

D.K. & Wei 作品 - Modern Design for Urban Life: 第肆回
  • Francis Dethon
    Francis Dethon

    funny sofa !

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Addicted to Pinterest

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Croque Monsieur Recipe

Croque Monsieur - My way
  • hoverssearch

    Its helpful

  • sizemetal

    Its grand :)

  • accep tgazing
    accep tgazing


  • accep tgazing
    accep tgazing


  • accep tgazing
    accep tgazing


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Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Cake

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  • Treasures By Brenda
    Treasures By Brenda

    Wow, that is an amazing cake!

  • Apple Lover
    Apple Lover

    looks yum!

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How to hollow out a book and create a secret hiding spot

How To Do Stuff: How To Make a Secret Hollow Book:
  • Kieran

    that's actually really cool

  • Antonia Bishop
    Antonia Bishop

    that takes a long time

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Transformer USB flash drive

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An adorable low tech photo filter

Photography: Shaped Bokeh
  • HowStuffWorks

    we heart!

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Toaster Shaped USB Hub and Flash Drives

Toaster Shaped USB Hub and USB Flash Drives |Gadgetsin
  • HowStuffWorks

    yes please

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