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You don't have to be a carpenter to make beautiful and unique nightstands for your bedroom. Here are fifteen clever and modern ideas that you're bound to love.

Inspiration for Master Bedroom nightstands :: Wall Mounted Wooden Nightstand with built-in side lamp (that I would direct up instead to avoid eye glare) & little shelf . could even have a couple of shelves :)

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Red Queen Circlet, stunning bronze Red, hand-made, filigree bridal circlet. (Would be better in green. And why on earth bridal? Far too fun for bridal.

Украшения на волосы

Wings of Isis, stunning silver & pink swarovski crystal hand made filigree bridal circlet. via Etsy. The look is divine!

You could easily do the over the bed shelving using an IKEA shelf.  They have little lights like those, too!  And it would probably be MUCH less expensive.  A great way to create a headboard without really having to have an actual, super high headboard.

bookshelf hung horizontally above bed with attached lights. I love this idea except for one thing. Do you see the lounging cat on the bed? Mine would be on top of that bookshelf lol